hot hot hot

June 1, 2011

I work a lot… tends to take away from my playing time. This week I worked just about every day so far.

It’s HELL.

Not that I don’t like my job, I don’t mean that at all but sometimes it can be a little much! I work at Baskin Robbins, scooping ice cream like a pro and unfortunately, here in Ottawa there has been a little bit of a heat wave. The hotter it gets, the more people who want ice cream. AND line ups out the door for my entire shift aren’t uncommon.

Here I go, another 5 hours of scooping in 35 degree weather.

Sometimes, I wish I lived in Winterspring.



WoW is my daily Shakespeare

May 26, 2011

I have spent the last 4 hours of my life working on my essay, It’s a King Lear essay… talking about the character development of King Lear. Miserable, I know. Unfortunately, I haven’t really been much into it, I have mostly been focusing on the idea of WoW and how I miss it. Sitting at this computer knowing that my little Siarah Druid is only a click away is heartbreaking, because honestly at this point I don’t have the time to play her. But, my mind is still focused on WoW and I have come to a big realization.

WoW and Shakespeare are pretty much the same.

  1. They both kind of have their own languages. Shakespeare old fashioned and ridiculous ex: “Pillicock sat on Pillicock Hill. Alow, alow, loo, loo” (honestly WTF) and WoW modern and awesome Ex: “GTFO L2P”, both requiring some sort of previous knowledge to understand anything that is going on.
  2. They both talk about made up things. Okay, so there is WoW, you have Elwynn Forest, The Blasted Lands, Shatrath, Ironforge…. All of which are made up. Also, there are the made up characters and kings and bad guys. All of which also take place in Shakespeare’s writing, where you have the crazy made up kings and angry kids and battling countries.
  3. They both require hard work and understanding to achieve success. WoW, you need an understanding of characters and setting to play your character successfully but in Shakespeare you also need the same understandings to achieve success in learning the play overall.
  4. Each character in WoW and Shakespeare are individuals. Each WoW character is unique, based on talent points, gear, haircuts and Shakespear’s characters are also the same, each an individual to create a unique character. All the characters in his plays work together to create conflict and resolve it, same as WoW where the characters work together to resolve conflict whether it be clearing Deadmines or killing Kel’thus.
  5. They both create a LOVE/HATE relationship. I love wow and I love Shakespeare, both are awesome requiring detailed understanding, but once you understand it, it’s amazing. You can play well and you can read well and know exactly what is going on. But also, I hate WoW and I hate Shakespeare, both are time consuming, tedious and frustrating but still I play/read them both.

Honestly, the thing the most similar between these both for me is that I love them both. I am more than willing to spend the time and energy to understand both even if I am frustrated. I get a satisfaction out of understanding how my druid works, knowing that I put the time and effort into making sure that play the best druid that I can. It’s the same for Shakespeare, there is something amazing about his writing, I mean there is a reason he is so famous but there is just a huge feeling of accomplishment when I read his writing and know that I understand it.

 But we all know i’m not going to read a new play everyday, so I guess WoW is just my daily Shakespeare.


I guess I  should get back to it…



I’m baccckkkkkk

May 25, 2011

Today, while avoiding writing a King Lear essay I decided to surf the web. Somehow, I ended up back here.

Ironically I only started playing again a couple weeks ago so it made me happy to be reminded that this is still here. 🙂

 Lately, my life is surrounded by school and work nothing much more than that. I spend almost all of my time doing anything but playing WoW, which… ya know is a little bit upsetting considering how much i used to enjoy it. It is my last year in high school and in September I will be attending University Majoring in Sociology, contrary to my “about me” page im no longer 14 but almost 18. Funny to think its been that long.

Like I said before, I started playing a couple weeks ago… little bit of playing, but still more than it has been lately. The idea of leveling to 85 was heartbreaking, especially because all i wanted to do was arena. I’m now 82 and slowely but surely I will (hopefully) make my way to 85, and maybe in the summer once school is done i’ll be able to get more playing time in.

After not playing for a while all i can say is I miss this game and all the people in it.

It’s good to be back.



Season 6!

April 21, 2009

Well, arena season 6 just came out and it makes me SO happy.


Lately, I haven’t really done much arena, I have been raiding a lot more and trying to progress to what I can. I thought that when season 6 came I wouldn’t really be excited about it, but as soon as I logged in, I wanted to do arena.


This didn’t exactly go as well as I had hoped. I worked really hard in season 4 to get to my ratings. I put a lot of time and effort into making me the best I can be. Unfortunately, arena is completely different now.


Not only is the whole way I play going to have to change, I need new key binding and placement because I am incredibly rusty. I was really hoping that I would walk into season 6 and just get all the gear I wanted in no time.  That’s not the case.


I appreciate Blizz fixing the mess that I call season 5, and I am beginning to like the new system and starting at a rating of 0. I guess all I can do is work towards it.


I’m so excited!




The Patch

April 15, 2009

I waited, and waited, and waited for the patch.

I waited until about 10:00 last night.

Finally it arrived.

As soon as i logged in a bought my duel spec and put in my resto talent points, but to me honest i was so dissapointed about the new Lifebloom, i logged off.

Hopefully all the new and exciting things will get me playing tonight!



Change it up.

April 13, 2009

Lately, I have been switching up my WoW a little bit.

I ran quite a few heroics, got a few leatherworkers and managed to put together my very first tanking set!

A lot of gold and a lot of reading later…

I tried tanking for the very first time the other day, and I started with Heroic Violet Hold. It went fairly well, I brought one of the guilds druid tanks along with me, so I could get directions through all the fights.

I think there was one wipe, and it was most definitely my fault, but what can you do. The thing is, I have been resto forever, I levelled resto and stayed resto at 70 and 80 up until now. So when I tank, it’s something completely new and I had no idea what I was doing.

I spent a lot of time reading Big Bear Butt and talking the guild tanks which helped to make my tanking almost acceptable!

I am not going to be staying feral for long, but it is something new and exciting. I will have to respec back to resto for Ulduar, but who knows, maybe one day I will be able to tank Ulduar one day!



There’s always a reason.

April 13, 2009

Things happen in life that make you regret decisions you’ve made and things you’ve done. Things that at the time are a good idea but you realize that in the end it wasn’t what you wanted, the way you wanted it or how you thought it would turn out to be.

Recently I put a lot of time into a class I wanted to get into at school. The class involved a lot of writing and creativity. I thought this was something that was ‘me’, everything about this course described what I like to do and I would be doing it with people who like to do the same things. To get into this course at school I had to complete and application, an interview and if I got that far a final task.

I managed to hand in my application and get an interview, they went from 60 students to 30. I was nervous, but it went fine. I was then given the final task and worked really hard to get it done well. I handed that in and a week later I got the news.

I didn’t get into this class, I didn’t get the thing I wanted most at the time, the thing that I worked hard on. This was supposed to give me the 2 credits I wanted, the people I wanted to be around and the experience to better. That isn’t what happened.

I know that not getting into this course shouldn’t be something that discourages me., and I know that people don’t get the things they want all the time. But, I just feel like this is something that I really wanted and I showed that in how much work I put into it. Ever since then I have been finding it hard to write, nothing to write about and nothing to say.

I have now come to a realization that I can’t let this effect me for longer than it already has. I will move on and do what it is I like to do. I regret being upset for so long and making it affect something that I enjoy so much.

I am planning on writing more in the coming days, I have more of an interest in it now, I have things to say, more so than I have had in the past few weeks.

I’m just trying to remember that everything happens for a reason.