Are Duids OP?

June 11, 2008

“Druids are OP” I hear it everyday.

I really don’t think that druids are over powered, I think that every class is equal and it just depends on your skill, spec and what kind of activity you are doing (excluding rogues… they really are OP). Don’t get me wrong, I can heal through a lot and I can keep myself alive a really long time, but when it comes to killing anything that’s where I am almost useless. PvE especially, farming is awful and questing too. PvP is okay; as long as I am able to keep the DPS classes up, things are good. Once in a while, I am able to get lucky though.

One Sunday afternoon I was on my way to the Darkmoon faire in Goldshire, when I was stopped just outside Stormwind by a fairly well geared PvP frost mage.

“What’s your resil?” he asked me.

“338” I responded.

“Ohhh can we duel? I want to try and crit you!”


So the big red flag popped up in front of me, I accepted. Next thing I know there was a frost bolt coming at me; it hit me for 2300 (I was in Nelf form). So I popped a couple lifeblooms as he casted again, and again. I just kept the lifeblooms stacked, as he tried to kill me. A couple minutes later, there we were, me at almost full mana (and health) and the mage, completely OOM.

So I took advantage of the opportunity, I quickly went cat, stealthed (was out of combat) and POUNCE. I tore that squishy, mana-less mage up!

Druids aren’t OP, are they?




  1. Eh hum…your mother is a mage. Watch yourself!!

    Ok Ok, we both know you could kick my mage butt but then who will give you money for clothes:)

    Love ya

    (Justamom – Bleeding Hollow)

  2. I would say, most likely druids are OP, but as my Wife Softthistle aka Softi plays a Druid as her main, Im not arguing. This Hunter would likely be sat on by a Boomkin!!! Hope to become a regular reader, its already set up on my RSS feeder.

  3. One of the worst duels I ever has was as a healing priest against a Restoration druid. The damned thing took near forever. I’d drain his mana using Mana Burn and then start Smiting him, only to find that the time I spent Smiting him allowed him to regen enough mana for a Lifebloom or two or three. I’d try to Dispel it to limit the damage, but then that final bloom would heal him and we’d start all over.

    Twenty or thirty minutes later, I finally won by luring him far enough away from the duel flags that the flee warning popped up and then Psychic Screaming him long enough to force him to forfeit the match.

    Druids, pah! But it is rather funny!

  4. Exactly, Resto Druids aren’t overpowered; they can hardly kill anything head on. They are simply borderline immortal, and people are just a bit confused on the terminology.

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