I can kill Prince, do I get an extra credit?

June 12, 2008

Maybe some people don’t like hardcore raiding because it reminds them of being in school.

The first thing I do before I start a new raid is look up the fights. I like to be informed about what I am doing and I like to have some sort of idea of what’s coming up. It helps to know the pulls and the bosses, just to be prepared. It’s just like getting ready for an exam.

Yes, it is exam time. I have 4 exams during a 2-day period. I’m not really looking forward to it, but, it always more fun to compare my real life to my WoW life.

The first thing I do is gather all the information I have about the specific topic. I take all the notes I have written during class and all the notes from the textbook together. I go through everything and highlight all the important things. This is almost the exact same thing for raiding; except it is just a digital version. First, I open all the related windows and read through everything; copy and pasting the important things into a Word document. Then, I ‘grind’. I read it over as many times as I can hoping that the information will get stuck in my head. I read it over and over or I write it over and over. Eventually, it all sticks.

Usually, looking up about a raid happens a few nights before or maybe even the night of. But, for exams it doesn’t work that way. I need to spend time ‘grinding’ every single night for at least 3 weeks before the exam.

See, the outcome of both these things is almost the same. If I study really hard for an exam and I am sure that I know all the information, it will be successful (that epic A). The same for a raid, I read up about what is going to be happening and I spent the time to learn my part and what is going on around me. The difference is, that doing an exam, you are completely alone throughout the entire thing. Not one word to anyone, depending only on you. But, during a raid I am depending on the other 4,9 or 24 people to have done the same thing I have. I know there are a lot of people who don’t do that, so I know that the outcome of the raid doesn’t get blamed on my lack of knowledge. But, if I bomb an exam it is completely my fault.

As I get ready for my exams I would much rather be reading up about a raid, but it doesn’t work like that. I have to do the exams and I pretty much have to do well on them. Hopefully things will go well and soon I’ll get back to reading up about my raiding.




  1. Yeah I have to say that raiding wears on my nerves slightly. Mostly because I’m not spec’d to do it and I have HORRIBLE gear for it. Lol. It’s good that you brush up on it before your big “exam” hehe.

  2. To continue the meme, make sure to bring a cheat sheet with you when you go for your tests!

    When I’m learning new fights, I like to keep a short bulleted list of things that I need to keep in mind for the role I’m playing (hunter or healing priest). Sticky notes are awesome for this, since you can put them on the edge of your monitor and your eyes will naturally look towards them through the instance, reminding you that, hey, during this boss encounter you have to to one thing and during that boss encounter you need to do another.

    Excellent comparision, Siarah!

  3. Interesting comparison. I never thought of it this way. Good luck with your exams!

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