A rogue problem

June 16, 2008

Today, I decided to talk about something that is really very hard to talk about. Every time I think about it, it brings tears to my eyes and terror to my face. I know you have all thought the same thing and we are all hoping and praying for a nerf. All I have to say is I hate rogues.

Not to discriminate, but I really have an issue with the rogue, specifically, the horde rogue class. It probably doesn’t help that I am a rogue magnet. Whether I am farming or doing arena, rogues are drawn to me, every single time.

I think my whole rogue issue started when I was just a young druid, questing my way through Darkshire. I was minding my own business, doing my own thing, when all of a sudden SAP. Confused and panicked, that level “skull” rogue wouldn’t let me go. It was stun, then stealth, then almost kill me, let me health up, and then stun again. It was awful, never ending, and I was traumatized.

I know I have said that every class is equal and that it only depends on your skill and spec. But, honestly I think rogues have a complete advantage with their stuns and poisons that kill me without even letting me move. That’s when I realized; the only way to beat a rogue is to roll a rogue.

So I tried it, and realized that being a rogue takes a lot more skill than you would think. Even though I’m only at level 6, I can only imagine how difficult it would be to be a 70 rogue. The stuns and poisons that kill me would probably take a lot of practice to master and a lot of time to learn. So, its not that I hate the rogue, it’s that I am jealous of them.




  1. Rogues! Facing them in any battleground ends the same way, back at the graveyard 😦 I have a rogue (lvl 60 now) and play it really well but that class always seems to be my nemesis. Strangely enough the class I have most problems playing is Mages.

  2. Hey, you wear leather, try facing a rouge in cloth. In a good day my priest gets beaten a whole 8 seconds before falling down dead!

  3. I agree. Rogues are brutal!! I can’t keep them in a frost nova and they have *shadow step*, I think its called, making my blink pointless. Sneaky little devils those rogues.

    If I’m in a battleground I usually iceblock when in trouble with one, hoping a team member will draw them away so I can cast.

    I’m curious to see what tricks they will have up their sleeve when lvl 80 comes around *GULP*


  4. blood…pressure…rising! OMG, I hate them so much. As a hunter, they are by far the most difficult class for me to beat.
    Dearest Blizzard, if you read this and I’m sure you will, please give me a scatter-shot with a 5 second cooldown and no dead-zone. That will ALMOST put me on even ground with a rogue.
    Bitterly yours,

  5. I completely freaking agree!! They hit you once and you stay stunned until they are done killing you, not even having a chance to pop off a spell. And the fact they are immune to fear and howl of terror…crazy! Those are the only clothy spells we can save our poor little behinds with!

  6. I like to offer you all a little Cheese, now serving Cheddar, Swiss, and Gouda with your whine. Rogues are a melee class that wears LEATHER not mail like Hunters, nor plate like a Warrior that actually feeds off a rouges primary skill of dodging. As for Healer classes your going to die it’s your build a choice you made when you specc’d that way!!!! Clothies all I can say is yummy I see a Mage or a lock and I get this feeling like I just stumbled in to the Hersey Factory pure Heaven, their death is so sweet and quick. It’s Great to be a Rogue most good things happen from behind…… Much Love to you Siarah grats on the blog.

  7. Gah! A rogue, quick go big and red and hope to kill him in 12 seconds. As a hunter i absolutely loathe rogues. Usually the fight goes like this. Me and my arena friendly pocket druid, wait wait wait. Finally rogue shows up. 6 debuffs on me. i’m helpless for 30 seconds. Then rogue is done and i’m at half hit points. Rogues are extremely tough for me to kill due to all the crippling moves they have, i can’t get into range.

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