What the heck…

June 17, 2008

It was a regular Thursday evening, just spending some time doing 5s. It had been pretty slow, no major excitement, just a regular PvP night. We weren’t doing extremely well, nor were we sucking, like I said it was pretty average.

I took a couple seconds to get some more reagents while we waited for another queue. All of a sudden, the little box showed up on my screen, I quickly accepted and entered into the battle. The 5 of us stood there buffing up and getting ready for the fight, when all of a sudden Krys let out a squeal.

“Is that a horde?” Krystofar said, panicking.

Well, of course I laughed, assuming that Krystofar had gone insane. I mean, we are in the arena prep room, simply buffing up and getting ready. What a crazy thought.

“OMG it is a horde” I was so confused. Krys said he had heard of such an arena glitch, but never expected to actually see it.

Frantically, all of us stared at the Orc Shaman, waiting for him to make a move. He threw a /wave and buffed us all up. But, was he going to help us or was he going to watch us die. I mean I did notice that he was resto; another healer would nice.

Finally, the arena doors slid open and we all made our way up over the bridge. Our opposing team did the same and as they made their way to the top I noticed something. There are 6 horde against us. As if it wasn’t chaotic enough with the original 5, now there were 6 people staring straight at me. We stood there a while until they finally charged, my nerves shaking.

It was hectic. Luckily, the Shaman did throw some heals all over the place. It was like a free-for-all with so many people, it was too hard to CC and heal. I was just randomly casting and hoping for the best. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the most successful match I had been in; they had an extra DPS and our heals couldn’t keep up.

Never the less, it was a good time. (pictures below!)


Picture 1  Picture 2  Picture 3


One comment

  1. Never heared of this bug before, but i dont do much PvP stuff at all. I get killed too often 😛 Nice to see a horde helping.

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