WoW Jerks

June 20, 2008

I think of myself as a pretty nice person. I mean, I do like to tell people the truth, but if it is going to hurt someone’s feelings or rub someone the wrong way I usually avoid it. I don’t like conflict, nor do I like people who create it. Unfortunately, in this game you often are around these types of people and I really don’t like it.

First of all, I think if something needs to be said, there is always a nice way to say it. No matter how awkward or unpleasant the thing you need to say to someone, there is always a nice way to say it. No need for ‘Ur a Nub’, ‘Get some gear’, or ‘L2P’. The nicer you are to others the nicer they will be back to you. Or so it should be.

My second thing it is, why do people feel the need to complain. If you are in a situation like that maybe you shouldn’t be there. Playing a game is about having fun about doing the things that you like to do and if you are complaining about something you probably don’t want to be doing it.

Finally, my last thing is; people have feelings. This for me is more than just in WoW, why must people always say something whether it bothers you or not. I have feelings and so does everyone else, so why say something that will hurt someone.

I was in a skirmish yesterday, just a regular 2v2 match, just for practice. I had just gotten into this particular battle when I quickly inspected the rogue that was standing next to me (like I always do). I realized that his gear was pretty nice; he had the season 3 vengeful weapons, so I knew he had some experience. I buffed us both up as the battle doors slowly opened. Unfortunately our opponents consisted of two resto druids.

I knew that this was going to be a long fight. I knew that we were either going to lose, or one of us was going to leave because I knew I didn’t want to spend the next half hour in the one match. The rogue I was with shadow-stepped forward as the one of the druids had just gone bear. Knowing that this rogue was on one druid, I started cc-ing the other, alternating root and cyclone (maybe I could drain his mana while he used his shape shifts). All of a sudden in huge orange caps I read:


Well, maybe he hadn’t noticed that he was only dealing with one of the druids, maybe he just wasn’t paying attention to the Cc-ing I was doing. I’m not really sure, but I moved on anyways.


Again, I had being cyclone-ing, over and over, doing anything I could to interrupt his heals. But honestly with two resto druids I knew that is wasn’t going to end well, if it ended at all. So, I again ignored the comment hoping he would notice.

After about 20 minutes we had actually managed to kill one of the druids. I was really impressed, I thought that this fight was never going to end but, we managed to oom one of them and while the other WAS in my cyclone, the rogue killed him.

Once, again after the first druid was dead the rogue was still complaining. Complaining about my CC and my lack of skill. I was still ignoring him. We spent the next 10 minutes trying to kill the other druid, I tried DPS-ing, I tried rooting to oom him, I tried everything, and the only thing I got in return was the ‘yelling’ coming from the rogue.

The whole fight ended with him telling me that I would never be successful in arena as well many complaints about my breaking his blinds… (I didn’t even realize I could do that) In the end, I was furious, and I let him know.

The point is, it was a skirmish and it didn’t count for anything. Why did the rogue (/glare) feel the need to get so upset, over nothing? 




  1. Ugh, how rude. Don’t let that stop you from going into arenas. Sounds like one of those players who think they know it all. Like you said, it’s for fun. 🙂

  2. I very much suck at PVP but I never appreciate people being nasty about it; however, I do appreciate suggestions of ways to improve my game.

    You are right, people often have no tact when trying to give their suggestions. I’ve learned to ignore people like that. I specifically remember a guy messaging me in the AH one day asking me “why is your rating so low, do you not try at all?”. It was totally unappreciated and I knew he was just looking to get me going.

    It takes allll kinds to make this crazy world go round. Always remember that encouragement is much better than criticism.


  3. Ok, I already love your blog, you sign off with a /hug!

    That aside – I really am with you in not understanding why some people have to be such utter jerks about what is, after all, a game. I hope you have better luck with your next skirmish partner!


  4. What’s his name! going to give him a beat down!

    Seriously, there are all kinds of asshats running around and don’t take the time to act like civilized people. Sorry you had to experience that honey.


    You can laugh in his face when you get completely decked in season 4 gear.

  5. LOL at players like him. Just think about South Park’s “Make Love Not Warcraft” and it will be clear…and maybe even 40 Year Old virgin

  6. Ewwww. I hate people like that. It’s a game, for one, and two, it’s just a little skirmish. There are far nicer ways to put it, and, should he had actually been paying attention to what you *were* doing, he would have noticed.

    People are jerks.

  7. This guy unfortunately sounds like a total asshat. Thank goodness, there aren’t really all that many of them around. I think it sounds like you did a great job – much better than I usually do in PvP!

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