Hunter FTW

June 23, 2008

Okay, so I have a new 2v2 partner; very exciting! So, for the first time, we tried to do some matches last night. We started with a rating of 1630 from a previous team I had. I knew that we would be fairly successful because I had done 5’s with Tam before.

We started off pretty well, winning a couple and losing a couple. The thing was, all the fights that we were in lasted a really long time, so it felt even worse to lose after being in a fight for fifteen minutes. Anyway, I thought I would share this really great match we had.

It started off… okay. There was Tam (my hunter partner) and I against a warrior and a mage. The plan was to kill the mage while I cc-ed and kited the warrior. It was going pretty well, we were coordinating our traps with the kiting and everything was going smoothly.  And then, all of a sudden I was stunned, OOM and I died (I hate warriors). There was Tam, at about half health, the warrior at about the same and the mage, almost dead.

“OMG I’M DEAD” I was panicking. I tried to keep this to myself though, so I wouldn’t freak Tam out.

SHOT Tam killed the mage

There they were, Tam and the warrior, both about half health. To tell you the truth, at this point I was too nervous to look at the screen. I mean, I knew Tam was leet enough to take this warrior; I knew she could do it, but I was still nervous. 

Tam was great. She would slow trap, run away, shoot, wing clip, everything she did was right. And yes, in the end, it was close but she did get him. And I swear I could hear the ‘Alleluia’ music all around me. 

I love arena.



One comment

  1. I was there! Tam is my wife IRL and I was hovering over her shoulder the whole time. They were both at around 500 health and Tam managed to get a shot off just as the warrior charged at her with his Intercept. At the end, Tam was stunned and he was dead 🙂 I think we scared the dog we were cheering so loudly.

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