Wrath of Siarah

June 24, 2008

Caution: The following blog post contains scenes of ranting, raving, and incoherent babbling and may be annoying to some readers. Reader discretion is advised.
I hate to admit it, but I am a complainer. I know, I know, it isn’t a good thing, nor is it something that I should be telling people, but I feel the need to vent.
Wrath of the Lich King. Meh! I am not looking forward to it. Everyone is so excited and ready for the expansion, I feel like the only one complaining about it. The thing is, I hate to level and I detest that all my gear going to waste. I feel like I am starting from the very beginning and I don’t think I can do it.
Did I mention I hate to level? Anyone who knows me is aware that it took me an abnormally long time for me to hit 70. This is because yes, I am lazy. I hate levelling so much that I’m not sure I can do it ever again. I’ll feel like all the accomplishments that I have made throughout this game will be gone, like they didn’t count for anything. Getting to 70 is nothing, when there are 80 levels to hit. If I sound bitter, there’s a reason. I’m bitter!
Everyone’s telling me that levelling is part of the game and that I will have to do it to advance. But, I think I am just upset because I didn’t have the time to advance in burning crusade the way I wanted to. I wanted to go to BT and Sunwell.

But, by the time I get to it, it won’t be an accomplishment anymore. It will be like UBRS and LBRS is to me now, nothing. I wanted to get to all the things that are important in this game and by having another expansion; I won’t be able to do it.
I know that it isn’t fair for me to be like this. Due to my laziness, I am not able to advance in the game at the same rate that a lot of other people are. But honestly, I am pretty frustrated with it and I am debating on whether I am going to level to 80 when the expansion does come out.
Anyway, I just feel like I am missing out on a lot and I won’t be able to get there if another expansion comes out. Am I alone? Anyone feel the same way?



  1. Not totally the same but I’m going to be annoyed at missing out on Sunwell and likely Black temple too. These will join the likes of Blackwing Lair and Naxx in places our guild skipped when TBC came out. And I only have 1 character at 70. having to get that up to 80 will be a little annoying but some of the quests on Northrend should make the pain a little more bearable.

  2. I agree, it’s not only just the time to level to 80 that will be painful for us lazy folk, but the time it takes to get a decent set of gear. We’ll basically be getting off one hamster wheel and into a bigger hamster wheel. And then we’ll have to deal with all the class changes Blizzard is making and them figuring out balance issues so they can try to push the ESport aspect of WoW.

  3. I don’t mind leveling–after all, I have five level 70 characters. However, I’m in no hurry for the expansion to arrive. I’m finally in a raiding guild, and finding I enjoy raiding.

    Unfortunately, we aren’t progressing quickly, and I’m afraid I, too, will miss a lot of current end-game content once the expansion is released.

    You aren’t alone. 🙂

  4. I know exactly how you feel Siarah! I can’t remember how many times people in guild chat asked ‘So, have you levelled yet Sar?’ ‘Well… actually… I have been sitting in here reading the chat between the NPCs in Light’s Hope Chapel *blush*… for three hours…’. At the end of the day, there is plenty to be enjoyed as you level as well. One definite bonus of an expansion is that you can band together with your guildies and knock most everything over in groups, which is much more fun in my opinion!

  5. Completely. 🙂 Difference being, I never finished getting my pvp gear to begin with. But I’m still not looking forward to it, at all.

  6. OH dear lord, I just dread the thought of starting over again with gear and leveling again. Brings a tear to my eye. Then I begin thinking will the gem patterns I’ve bought and fought for over the last year or so longer be undesirable..UGH.

    Kinda feels like a slap in the face at times although I certainly understand the need to keep the game fresh. I’m just a creature of habit I suppose.

    justamom in denial

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