Big Mistake

June 26, 2008

I didn’t think it would turn out this way. Me, afraid to turn the corner, not able to go outside alone. I thought it would all go away; everything would be okay, but unfortunately that’s not how it turned out.

It all started in the smokey Dwarven District in Stormwind. I was minding my own business, trying to find a way to make some gold and make it fast. It’s not a nice place – the Dwarven District. It isn’t in the greatest part of town, but I thought I could handle it. Those Dwarfs are scary and I felt like I was being followed. All of a sudden, I was approached by one of these short, long bearded, drunken men. Krystofar.

He was a bad man. I think he wanted to deceive me to get what he wanted which was more gold in his pocket. He knew the area and he knew what I was there for. He slowly walked his short stump-like body over to me, stumbling along the way. His words were slurred together as he downed the rest of his ale.

The smell of his breath was dire, filling the air around me. He offered me the gold. I reluctantly, accepted. I knew it wasn’t right. The deal was that he would lend me the 4100 gold that I needed for my epic flyer and I just had to pay it back as I could. This was acceptable, it sounded fair at the time and I thought it was a decent agreement. But that’s where I was wrong.

I took that 4100 gold and ran, ran as far as a could as fast as I could. I didn’t want to look back and I didn’t want to think about the mistake I might have made.

Dear readers, do you think I made a big mistake?

To be continued…



  1. I always get a shower and use a scrub brush after leaving the Dwarven District.

    When someone says “meet me at the tram” I laugh uncontrollably and tell them to scrub down before making any trade with me and they can come to me in the trade district once sanitized.

    Dirty drunken little dwarfs!!


  2. Eek. Gave me the willys just thinking about that part of the city.

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