Pet Peeves

June 28, 2008

If this is your first time here and if you haven’t already gathered from the title of this blog, I am a resto druid. I like it most of the time once I have my rotation down and if I don’t miss anything, I think I’m pretty good. Usually my healing stays in the arena setting, but I do raid healing once in a while, as well.  

I don’t think I’m too big of a complainer (except about rogues), but we all have our pet peeves. Whether you are a DPS class or a tank, we all have these little things that bother us. So I made a list of some of the things that really bother me the most about being a healer:

  1. When people call out for heals after the fight is over.
  2. Having to use my battle rez on an aggro puller who will die again.
  3. Giving a DPS class my innervate. (It has a 6 minute cool down, and I use it as part of my rotation in a mana conserving fight)
  4. Healing the hunter’s pet, because they don’t use mend pet.
  5.  Pulling agro off the tank, during an AOE pull.
  6. Having to move during a fight (in Tree of life form; movement speed reduced by 20%)
  7. Not being put in the main tanks group, when I am healing him. (The of life healing buff)
  8. Having to Abolish poison/Dispel curse, while trying to heal.
  9. Big rooms where some people in the raid are out of range.
  10. Being compared to a healer who doesn’t use HoTs. 
  11. When the tank forgets to wear his tanking gear. 
  12. L.O.S pulls, the tank starts to take damage before he comes around the corner, and so my healing rotation starts late. 
  13. 20-minute rez cool down.
  14. People who use the ‘calls out for a heal’ emote.
  15. People who call out for heals frantically on vent, even though I can see their health bar.
  16. People who don’t use bandages/didn’t level their first aid.
  17. Warlocks who lifetap in the middle of a fight.
  18. When the cc breaks right next to me.

These are the things that bother me the most about being a healer. Whether you are a healer or not, what are your pet peeves?




  1. all good points my friend. especial #15. now i know this isnt WoW related, but my pet peeve, as some people know, is when people take things out of the microwave befor the timer goes off and dont clear the screen, so there is like 2 seconds scrolling across the screen and the words PRESS START. so if im going to be at your house, for the love of god dont do that!
    PS: this krystofer guy sonds like a jerk. you definetly shouldnt borrow gold from him. he might kill you in your sleep (HI KRYS)

  2. I agree with most of those points, but you KNOW I have to defend the lock one. Lol. Especially being the spec that uses the most mana with only one spell. Forgive us 🙂

    (And it is SUPER annoying when someone is both yelling in vent AND doing it on screen about needing to be healed. And I’m not even a healer so I can’t imagine!)

  3. What really annoys me as a healer is when the lock hangs around while I drink, getting my mana bar up to full and then does the life tap thing and drains his health down to about 1/3.

  4. Hmmmm pet peeves, 1 that bothers me is raiding and the healers mother makes them go to bed, like sleeping is more important then keeping me alive. Cough cough Canadianfem Cough cough.

  5. LOL…rather than answer in comments, I have a blog article percolating that started with a conversation I had with Breana (yes, THAT Breana) a couple weeks ago. I will try to get it up soon.

    I love your list, Siarah!

    Hulan, /agree!! Fortunately, I have a nearly bottomless mana pool, but still…

  6. As a healer and warlock *g* I have to tell you that 17 is wrong.
    The whole mana regen mechanic of warlocks (which is: no regen at all, except Life Tap) needs a warlock to be healed in any fight longer than about 90 secs. Affliction locks (out-dpsed by Hunter Pets somewhere between SSC and TK) can sustain longer thanks to dark pact.
    I have my Grid configured to see which raider has less than 30% mana. If it´s a lock, throw a rejuv whenever it suits _you_. If he doesn´t take that chance and life taps…

    Aside from that point, it is a very nice list. Especially #2, wasting about 1600 mana and 2 seconds on someone who will die again sucks.

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