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Topping Tips

July 15, 2008

As alliance, I lose battlegrounds a lot, but I like to know that I’m pulling weight and it defeinately shows when you top the meter. I thought I would share how I often top the healing meter and the little tricks that help.

First of all, I think that finding the well geared people around you is important. The better geared the DPS, the easier it is to heal them. They might not take as much damage as someone “squishy” but it will help make your heals more consistent. (Please note that “well-geared” is PVP gear) It also helps to know a bit about the group you are in, by knowing their gear you will know what kinds of heals you will need to throw and how to manage your mana. 
Once you know your group, the next thing I have to say is please listen to the instructions. There is always someone in a battleground whose plan is to “just win”, I mean that is some positive thinking, but it’s not a plan. If no one makes a plan, state one yourself. Hopefully, the healers will be split up which will allow you to have,  a group to yourself. Of course, it also depends on the battleground.

Now that you know where you are going, let the healing begin. Again, I think the best-geared are (generally) the top DPS around me so that whatever situation you get into, you know who will be doing most of the killing. As a druid, I may have a bit of an unfair advantage with my HoTs (heal over time), but it will work out with all kinds of heals. You just have to be sure to keep everyone around you up, including yourself.

A lot of the time, when the opposing team realizes there is a healer, they want to kill them immediately. If you can keep yourself up long enough for your DPS to kill the others, you are not only staying alive, you are topping the healing meter as well (and perhaps assisting in a win for that BG)

Individual BG Healing Tips:

Alterac Valley:
Make sure to heal main tank in both Galv and Drek’s room. If no tank steps up, make sure you heal a hunter pet that might attack first. 

Arathi Basin:
Try to get in a group heading towards busier bases such as BS

Warsong Gutch:
Try to be the main healer for the flag carrier

Eye of the Storm:
Try to be in the group taking over the 3rd tower (ie BE or FR) 

I hope I have helped the other meter obsessed out there. Hopefully, this will not only help you top the healing meter, but maybe help with a WIN!!!



Meter Obsessed

July 8, 2008

Siarah is still out of town. Her mother and I miss her very much. This is the latest post she dictated to her mom last night — Krystofar

I am not usually a big fan of battlegrounds. Since I’m Alliance, I usually lose most of the BGs I do play, but the better geared I’ve become the more I’ve learned to like it. 

Being resto, the “killing blows” and “damage done” headings don’t usually mean anything to me seeing as how I can’t do either. But, it’s the healing tab that keeps me motivated to do better. I DO love seeing my name at the top of the healing list.

The better geared I am, the more healing I SHOULD be doing, but that is not always the case. When I am in Arathi Basin, I sometimes defend one of the first captured bases. A dull job, but if nobody else does it, I will. Of course this can sometimes lead to a lack of needed heals. Also, getting stuck on defense in AV can hurt me too. Drek and Galv each have a “place-of-big-heals” and if I’m not there someone else is healing the tank as well as topping the meters. 

Being a Flag Carrier in WSG can also take away from my healing. I love being able to bear/cheetah away from things. In this particular BG, I look at it as a new job; not to heal, but to flag carry for the win.  There is also usually a healer who is helping me and with that comes topping the healing meter.

Clearly I am a tad obsessed. If I’m not going to win the BG, I may as well be the top healer there. But, you know its probably not a good thing to be this competitive, because there will always be someone better geared or more experienced than me. Maybe I’m a little compulsive about where I am on the healing meter, but in the end hopefully this desire will help me be a better healer.

So, do you take a peek at the healing meter???



Executive class

July 4, 2008

Dictated post from Siarah.
Note: Not WoW related

I love flying with my grandparents.  I mean, it’s not only that I don’t see them often, but there are also bonuses that come with it.  My grandfather worked for the airline for 35 years. He worked in cargo and did a great job, he has seniority whenever he flies. Me and my grandmother being with him, we get seniority too. 

So, when me and my grandparents got to the airport my grandfather (the senior with seniority) asked for a seat closer to the back (closer to the washroom). Unfortunately there weren’t any seats left in the back. The flight attendant quickly apologized and scurried back to her desk. A few minutes later while we were talking amongst ourselves, the flight attendant called us back up to the desk. She asked for our boarding passes. We gave them to her as she handed us new ones. “Hopefully these are better for you” she said with a big smile on her face.

The three of us thanked her as we walked back to the seating area. I sat down and read the ticket; “Executive class”! We smiled at one another in delight. Anyone who has ever flown first class knows it’s great. The huge seats (with massagers) pillows, leg room, (/cheer for legroom), free drinks, warm towels and a meal. Everything you could possibly want. Really, it’s nice!
We made our way to the plane and walked (not far though we were in first class) to our seats. We did up our seatbelts and got comfortable as I watched the other people walk past the executive class section to the coach area. It was great… I felt so rich, so comfy, so snobby! I think it was how everyone who walked past me into coach, felt the need for a dirty look and some even a rude comment: “them rich kids don’t know what they got”, “ money to throw away”, “how ridiculous”. I mean, it wasn’t my fault and I wasn’t about to tell them I was bumped up to first class. Despite the comments, I decided to enjoy the luxury I was lucky enough to get. I ate steak, roasted potates, vegetables, and salad on the side. w00t! a chocolate truffle for dessert! I enjoyed the movie on the touch screen in front of me and the leg room only executive class would get. It was awesome and a great time.

P.S.  I think WOW should have executive class. Gryphons to Netherstorm could offer buffed food, cut-away animations, and maybe a hot towel. I love the hot towel!



1850 part 2

July 2, 2008

Siarah is off to Newfoundland to visit her Grandparents for a couple of weeks. She is without internet access, so no WoW for her. She’ll try to dictate a few posts to me to up for her, but today I’ll post an article from one of our Guild mates, Rorik that has generously offered to help Siarah out.  You can read Part One, here.

“We made a couple of tough decisions. There will be no namby pamby healer-only classes. There is no sitting at the back going ‘And I heal! And I heal! And I heal! And I heal! And I heal!’ because it’s BORING! I’m really sorry, if you’re really one of those people who just like being a medic, who like sitting at the back not doing anything, going ‘And I heal! And I heal! And I heal!’ … go away. Stop watching. Click away. Don’t even leave a comment on the board going ‘I HATE THIS GAME BECAUSE IT HAS NO HEALERS’ because we’re telling you now… we’re not the game for you. We’re the game for the people who want to matter. Every single character can do damage. Every single character can make a significant attempt at beating the living snot out of people.” 
Paul Barnett, Design Manager for EA Mythic

When I first heard Paul on his video blog say those words, I was ecstatic.  Finally, a game designer who understands that healing is boring.  It always has been.  Even back in the day, when I was playing Dungeons & Dragons, NO ONE wanted to play the cleric.  I see it now in WoW.  Healers are few and far between.  Just about every guild I’ve read about is always recruiting healers.  It’s just as bad in PvP too.  It seems that every battleground I enter only has 1 or 2 healers.  When I was Holy, healing raids was excruciating.  That’s why I went Retribution. 

So first, to all those who are full time healers in WoW, my goggles are off to you.  You have my utmost respect, because your job is one that I have no desire to do.  Not only that, but since healers are in such high demand, you all are pulled in 6 directions at once.  I know I’ve bugged Siarah plenty about doing 3v3 matches when she probably was wanted by someone else to heal for them. 

Now, about the quote from Paul Barnett above – take it with a grain of salt.  Paul is working on Warhammer Online, the game I made a reference to in the “1850 post”.  WAR is coming and I will be playing it.  I’ve been waiting for it for quite a while and everything I read about it just makes sense.  Yes, there are healer classes, but they are changing the game mechanic from the typical MMO so that in some cases, in order to heal, YOU MUST DO DAMAGE.  An example is the Warrior Priest.  He/she has something like a Rage bar, where the more they do damage, the more Righteous Fury they generate, making their spells more powerful. 

That’s just one example of the many things that draw me to Warhammer.  The PvP aspect of the game just seems more complete than what WoW has to offer.  The public quest system, guild system and crafting really seem like a breath of fresh air.  I know there are new and exciting additions coming in Lich King, but it just seems like they are trying to shoehorn in these game elements.  So, going back to my sentiments in my 1850 post, Warhammer seems to be offering much more to me than WoW ever will.