1850 part 2

July 2, 2008

Siarah is off to Newfoundland to visit her Grandparents for a couple of weeks. She is without internet access, so no WoW for her. She’ll try to dictate a few posts to me to up for her, but today I’ll post an article from one of our Guild mates, Rorik that has generously offered to help Siarah out.  You can read Part One, here.

“We made a couple of tough decisions. There will be no namby pamby healer-only classes. There is no sitting at the back going ‘And I heal! And I heal! And I heal! And I heal! And I heal!’ because it’s BORING! I’m really sorry, if you’re really one of those people who just like being a medic, who like sitting at the back not doing anything, going ‘And I heal! And I heal! And I heal!’ … go away. Stop watching. Click away. Don’t even leave a comment on the board going ‘I HATE THIS GAME BECAUSE IT HAS NO HEALERS’ because we’re telling you now… we’re not the game for you. We’re the game for the people who want to matter. Every single character can do damage. Every single character can make a significant attempt at beating the living snot out of people.” 
Paul Barnett, Design Manager for EA Mythic

When I first heard Paul on his video blog say those words, I was ecstatic.  Finally, a game designer who understands that healing is boring.  It always has been.  Even back in the day, when I was playing Dungeons & Dragons, NO ONE wanted to play the cleric.  I see it now in WoW.  Healers are few and far between.  Just about every guild I’ve read about is always recruiting healers.  It’s just as bad in PvP too.  It seems that every battleground I enter only has 1 or 2 healers.  When I was Holy, healing raids was excruciating.  That’s why I went Retribution. 

So first, to all those who are full time healers in WoW, my goggles are off to you.  You have my utmost respect, because your job is one that I have no desire to do.  Not only that, but since healers are in such high demand, you all are pulled in 6 directions at once.  I know I’ve bugged Siarah plenty about doing 3v3 matches when she probably was wanted by someone else to heal for them. 

Now, about the quote from Paul Barnett above – take it with a grain of salt.  Paul is working on Warhammer Online, the game I made a reference to in the “1850 post”.  WAR is coming and I will be playing it.  I’ve been waiting for it for quite a while and everything I read about it just makes sense.  Yes, there are healer classes, but they are changing the game mechanic from the typical MMO so that in some cases, in order to heal, YOU MUST DO DAMAGE.  An example is the Warrior Priest.  He/she has something like a Rage bar, where the more they do damage, the more Righteous Fury they generate, making their spells more powerful. 

That’s just one example of the many things that draw me to Warhammer.  The PvP aspect of the game just seems more complete than what WoW has to offer.  The public quest system, guild system and crafting really seem like a breath of fresh air.  I know there are new and exciting additions coming in Lich King, but it just seems like they are trying to shoehorn in these game elements.  So, going back to my sentiments in my 1850 post, Warhammer seems to be offering much more to me than WoW ever will.


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