Executive class

July 4, 2008

Dictated post from Siarah.
Note: Not WoW related

I love flying with my grandparents.  I mean, it’s not only that I don’t see them often, but there are also bonuses that come with it.  My grandfather worked for the airline for 35 years. He worked in cargo and did a great job, he has seniority whenever he flies. Me and my grandmother being with him, we get seniority too. 

So, when me and my grandparents got to the airport my grandfather (the senior with seniority) asked for a seat closer to the back (closer to the washroom). Unfortunately there weren’t any seats left in the back. The flight attendant quickly apologized and scurried back to her desk. A few minutes later while we were talking amongst ourselves, the flight attendant called us back up to the desk. She asked for our boarding passes. We gave them to her as she handed us new ones. “Hopefully these are better for you” she said with a big smile on her face.

The three of us thanked her as we walked back to the seating area. I sat down and read the ticket; “Executive class”! We smiled at one another in delight. Anyone who has ever flown first class knows it’s great. The huge seats (with massagers) pillows, leg room, (/cheer for legroom), free drinks, warm towels and a meal. Everything you could possibly want. Really, it’s nice!
We made our way to the plane and walked (not far though we were in first class) to our seats. We did up our seatbelts and got comfortable as I watched the other people walk past the executive class section to the coach area. It was great… I felt so rich, so comfy, so snobby! I think it was how everyone who walked past me into coach, felt the need for a dirty look and some even a rude comment: “them rich kids don’t know what they got”, “ money to throw away”, “how ridiculous”. I mean, it wasn’t my fault and I wasn’t about to tell them I was bumped up to first class. Despite the comments, I decided to enjoy the luxury I was lucky enough to get. I ate steak, roasted potates, vegetables, and salad on the side. w00t! a chocolate truffle for dessert! I enjoyed the movie on the touch screen in front of me and the leg room only executive class would get. It was awesome and a great time.

P.S.  I think WOW should have executive class. Gryphons to Netherstorm could offer buffed food, cut-away animations, and maybe a hot towel. I love the hot towel!



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