Meter Obsessed

July 8, 2008

Siarah is still out of town. Her mother and I miss her very much. This is the latest post she dictated to her mom last night — Krystofar

I am not usually a big fan of battlegrounds. Since I’m Alliance, I usually lose most of the BGs I do play, but the better geared I’ve become the more I’ve learned to like it. 

Being resto, the “killing blows” and “damage done” headings don’t usually mean anything to me seeing as how I can’t do either. But, it’s the healing tab that keeps me motivated to do better. I DO love seeing my name at the top of the healing list.

The better geared I am, the more healing I SHOULD be doing, but that is not always the case. When I am in Arathi Basin, I sometimes defend one of the first captured bases. A dull job, but if nobody else does it, I will. Of course this can sometimes lead to a lack of needed heals. Also, getting stuck on defense in AV can hurt me too. Drek and Galv each have a “place-of-big-heals” and if I’m not there someone else is healing the tank as well as topping the meters. 

Being a Flag Carrier in WSG can also take away from my healing. I love being able to bear/cheetah away from things. In this particular BG, I look at it as a new job; not to heal, but to flag carry for the win.  There is also usually a healer who is helping me and with that comes topping the healing meter.

Clearly I am a tad obsessed. If I’m not going to win the BG, I may as well be the top healer there. But, you know its probably not a good thing to be this competitive, because there will always be someone better geared or more experienced than me. Maybe I’m a little compulsive about where I am on the healing meter, but in the end hopefully this desire will help me be a better healer.

So, do you take a peek at the healing meter???



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