Topping Tips

July 15, 2008

As alliance, I lose battlegrounds a lot, but I like to know that I’m pulling weight and it defeinately shows when you top the meter. I thought I would share how I often top the healing meter and the little tricks that help.

First of all, I think that finding the well geared people around you is important. The better geared the DPS, the easier it is to heal them. They might not take as much damage as someone “squishy” but it will help make your heals more consistent. (Please note that “well-geared” is PVP gear) It also helps to know a bit about the group you are in, by knowing their gear you will know what kinds of heals you will need to throw and how to manage your mana. 
Once you know your group, the next thing I have to say is please listen to the instructions. There is always someone in a battleground whose plan is to “just win”, I mean that is some positive thinking, but it’s not a plan. If no one makes a plan, state one yourself. Hopefully, the healers will be split up which will allow you to have,  a group to yourself. Of course, it also depends on the battleground.

Now that you know where you are going, let the healing begin. Again, I think the best-geared are (generally) the top DPS around me so that whatever situation you get into, you know who will be doing most of the killing. As a druid, I may have a bit of an unfair advantage with my HoTs (heal over time), but it will work out with all kinds of heals. You just have to be sure to keep everyone around you up, including yourself.

A lot of the time, when the opposing team realizes there is a healer, they want to kill them immediately. If you can keep yourself up long enough for your DPS to kill the others, you are not only staying alive, you are topping the healing meter as well (and perhaps assisting in a win for that BG)

Individual BG Healing Tips:

Alterac Valley:
Make sure to heal main tank in both Galv and Drek’s room. If no tank steps up, make sure you heal a hunter pet that might attack first. 

Arathi Basin:
Try to get in a group heading towards busier bases such as BS

Warsong Gutch:
Try to be the main healer for the flag carrier

Eye of the Storm:
Try to be in the group taking over the 3rd tower (ie BE or FR) 

I hope I have helped the other meter obsessed out there. Hopefully, this will not only help you top the healing meter, but maybe help with a WIN!!!



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