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Addon Feature: Healbot FTW!

August 21, 2008

Have you ever tried playing WoW on another computer, one that doesn’t have your  macros, key bindings, or any of your add-ons? Well, I have and that’s when I realized  there is one add-on I can’t live without.


If you aren’t a healer you probably don’t have a real use for this add-on. As you’ve  probably gathered from the name it’s there to help you heal. It’s just the most  helpful add-on, ever! It makes your healing spells 1000 times easier and helps to make  sure that everyone stays alive as long as possible.

So, the first thing that I really like about Healbot is it’s lay out. It is a very  slim bar that I place on the right side of my screen. It has everyone in the group  named under one another with each name inside a separate bar. Each bar is green, when  people are at full health and as they start to lose health, the bar on my Healbot  changes from green to yellow and finally red as a warning that they are going to die.

It works the same way if you have a raid. You just have to set the Healbot to raid and  the bars become smaller. You can also organize them the way you want. For example, if  you are healing main tank, you can have a set section for main tank on the Healbot  itself. So at the top of the Healbot his/her name will be there and you can ensure  your heals are on time. Also if you are healing groups, each group is separated so  that you can focus on the group you were assigned to heal.

Okay, so we know the layout is just too cool; now with how easy it works. Each person  has their own little bar like I said and all you have to do is click on their name to  heal them. No targeting, no scrambling to find the person who needs the heal; all you  do is click. In the Healbot settings you decide which heals you would like to be set  on which mouse button. So you think the tank needs a Lifebloom? All you do is  left-click the over his name and he gets Lifebloom. Right-click: Rejuvenation! So  easy!

This good for raiding and instances, but I also use this in arena all the time. In BGs  you can use it as well as a very cool setting for Alterac Valley to ensure everyone is  covered.

This is the one add-on I CANNOT live without. Anyone else have any add-ons that are a must have?



“Paging Dr. Gamer…”

August 20, 2008

You’ve just been in an accident; you are rushed to the hospital by ambulance. When you arrive, you are taken immediately into the emergency room where the doctor decides that you need surgery right away.

The nurses roll the gurney into the room to prepare you for surgery. You are nervous and not really sure what’s going on, but you are also confident in the doctors, knowing that they are skilled professionals that will make everything okay.

You are drugged and are slowly drifting off to sleep. The doctor lines up his first incision when under his breath you hear him say, “Oh yeah, I’m leet”. Of course, you are sure you are hearing things. The WoW player you are tends to think of gaming a lot anyways. You think nothing of it. It’s the drugs.

Hours have past and your surgery has just finished. You wake up to hear the nurse and surgeon talking about how they have managed to ‘complete the quest’. The quest to make an incision into your stomach and fix something; the quest that would decide whether you lived or died. Of course, you assume its just the drugs the nurse had given you have just gone to your head and once again your gaming mind was thinking of WoW. So you move on.

A couple of days later you are finally get out of bed. You head to the bathroom where you take a shower and for the first time see the surgical scar that was left on your stomach. The scar is in the shape of a question mark. You think back to the other night when the doctors were discussing the quest they had just completed… on YOU. A question mark, huh? Maybe it was a quest? Now, you aren’t so confident with the doctors who held your life in their hands, are you?

Honestly, I am really not sure how confident I would be with a surgeon who is an avid gamer. I know that what a person does during their private life shouldn’t really have an affect on how well they do their job, but for me I think it does. Being a WoW player, I know what it takes to play this game. I understand that you usually have to put in a lot of time and effort in order to play the game to it’s max potential. That’s why it kinda scares me.

Not every person who plays WoW plays it a lot. I know there are plenty of casual WoW players out there who only play when they have free time. I also know that there are some people out there who put WoW before a lot of things. Not that there is anything wrong with spending a lot of time on a game, especially a game that really never has an ending, but I think that I would want to have a surgeon who is very focused on doing surgery. I want a doctor who reads up about new medicine rather than arena strategy, you know?

Apparently, I am wrong.

Through the past few days I have been kinda struggling for things to blog about. The evil dwarf, Krystofar, directed my attention to a new study that has just been done. WoW Insider also wrote a little something about this too, but I thought I would talk about it today as well.

The American Psychological Association did a study of surgeons to try and determine how playing WoW and other video games affects the way they perform in the operating room. To my surprise, the doctors that did play video games had an overall better performance during the surgeries. This really got me thinking.

Now, do you think how wellthe surgeon plays WoW affects how well they can perform a surgery? I know some not-so-great WoW players out there and I KNOW I don’t want that kinda person performing a surgery on me. I mean, I don’t want the tank who rushes into the mob in Kara (no rushing into my surgery), the aggro-puller who isn’t paying attention to omen (needs to have full attention during my surgery), or the healer that’s never on time for the raid, operating on me (I want my surgery to be on schedule).

I guess I’ll have to take my chances with the next surgery I get, but I’ll be sure to check the Armory for them first…just to know how committed they actually are to the game, rather than to their sugery. In the end, I guess all that matters is that just before the operation the doctor doesn’t yell “Dr. LEEROY JENKIIIIIINS’.



I hate…

August 19, 2008

Normally, I would be ready to sit down and tell all of you out there about how much I love arena …how I spend every second of my WoW time either doing rated matches and if not skirmishes, just because I love it.But, today I am not.

Last night, I was with my regular 2v2 partner Nya. As you’ve probably already read in previous posts, he is a very skilled lock who I’ve been playing on and off with for a while now. Anyway, we have been working towards a 1700 rating so I could get the Guardians boots, as well as the Brutal helm, but of course it will never happen.
Last night Nya and I started off playing with a 1684 rating, which plunged all the way down to 1600 /cry. We slowly worked our way back up to 1691, but clearly not getting to the 1700 we both wanted and needed to improve our game.

Today I thought I would share with you all the things I absolutely hate about arena; all the reasons why we can’t seem to get to the 1700.

– I hate the way blizzard finds your opponents. I am not even sure how this works, but all I know is that whoever I seem to be against, is never ever the same geare level as I am. I am always against a team that has already obviously reached 1700. I will never understand why I am not going against a team that is at the exact same rating, gear or experience as I do.

– I hate the way a warlock can drain mana from me through a pillar. Honestly, it’s a PILLAR and I am standing behind it! I just don’t understand why a lock can suck all my mana away through a pillar, but I can’t cc him for 6 seconds through it. Without mana I am completely useless. I really should have a way to hide with mana drain, especially when I don’t have enough mana to turn bear to avoid it.

– I hate “fear”. I know that my partner is a warlock and that I should be appreciative towards all the CC that my team gets out of it, but no. If I am “feared” I can’t change forms and if I can’t change forms, I panic. In a fear, the opposing team can have free DPS on me, so if I am stuck in caster when they do that, I am a dead drood.

– I hate the warrior’s mace stun. I truly think this is one of the hardest things to handle in arena. I am so frustrated with the stun after stun with no diminishing returns. I am pretty much stuck in one spot, not able to move while I am being beat on by a warrior who hits like a truck.

– I hate Horde racials. I am sure that if you are a Horde you are saying the same thing about the Alliance. As I’m Alliance I think I have the right to complain about the Horde and how I think they are OP. I think the racial that bothers me most is the tauren ‘stomp’. It is just like an extra stun that can make a huge difference in a stressful situation.

– I hate rogues. I know that it probably isn’t right to say I hate an entire class, but I really think I do …even more than warriors, but for the same reason. It’s the stun and the stun and the more stun. I understand them being able to stun once or maybe twice, but I don’t like being stunned until I die.

All right… I think my rant is over and hopefully this will help me to get better, now that I’ve let it all out. I would like to know if I am the only one who has days that make me want to quit WoW. It doesn’t have to be arena related, but is there anything in the WoW that makes you crazy? Am I the only one that hates WoW sometimes?


I love me the WSG!!

August 15, 2008

I’m sure everyone has a favourite battleground. So, today I thought that I would share with you my absolute favourite.


Warsong Gulch


As a druid I realise that WSG may be a little easier to play. We have travel form as well as the ability to change forms whether we need to charge or heal. I know that a druid with a flag can almost guarantee a cap but even if that wasn’t the case, I still think I would enjoy it.


I love the whole idea of the game; the capturing of the flag, the craziness of trying to get it back to your base and even trying to get our flag back. As a healer it’s easy to do your job when healing the FC and I find it a lot of fun trying to carry the flag as well.


Like I said, I usually play the BG’s with my guild, which probably plays a part in why I like it so much. When you’re in the premade you are almost guaranteed a win. Not to mention have a lot more fun with people you know.


All I know is that as far as BG’s and alliance go, they usually suck. I am just glad that I have one that I’m happy with and that I am willing to play to get the honor I need.


So what about you guys, which BG works for you and the way you like to play?





This IS a PVP server, right?

August 14, 2008

I had just run a guildie through the stocks and my hearth was on CD. I wanted to go to IF, so I decided to take the tram. I made my way there through the smokey Dwarven District and took my seat as I waited for it to arrive, when it did I boarded. The tram ride was short and I was in IF in no time. When I arrived I quickly left the tram and walked towards the exit, when I saw something out of the corner of my eye. It was a warlock. Yes, but it wasn’t an ordinary lock, it was a horde lock. That’s right a horde lock sitting on the bench in IF like it’s a daily routine.

I saw something wrong with this picture and attacked that lock (pvp servers! Yay!). After about 30 seconds of being covered in DoTs I realized that I was resto and I would not be able to kill this lock. I immediately called out for help in the local defence channel as well as the trade chat hoping someone would come, but no such luck.

I stopped attacking and when I did the lock did as well. He /thanked me and sat down right at my feet. I waited for about 10 minutes and no one showed up to help get rid of this horde. Finally, about 20 minutes after that, 2 ally came off the tram and noticed the 70 horde just sitting there. Luckily, they were also 70 and quickly demolished the poor lock intruder.

It was just after this time I realised that there were no guards attacking this horde? I mean, he was in the middle of IF, but no guards not even one tried to attack the him. If you are alliance you have probably tried to raid a horde city, whether it was Undercity, Orgrimar or even just Tarren Mill you have probably noticed the INSANE amount of guards. Not only are there a lot at the horde city, but they respawn VERY quickly.

I don’t know, maybe it’s just me who thinks that Ally are being jipped when it comes to guards, but it’s not only that, no one came and helped kill the horde either. I am on a PvP server, people should want to kill the horde, right?



I’m a fast bird

August 13, 2008

Last night we made a guild run of heroic Sethekk Halls. I managed to complete the final quest in a huge chain to recieve my Swift flight form. It was a very smooth run with a couple of bad pulls, but no wipes. It was all good when I handed in that last quest when all of a sudden I’m a fast bird!

/cheer, very exciting!



Crazy Pet Lady of Bleeding Hollow

August 12, 2008

I’m not sure when my pet collection started. I mean, I think my first pet was just a cat from the ‘crazy cat lady’ in elwynn forest, but from that day on I was hooked.

I started with just all the cats I could buy; from tabby to Siamese, I had them all. I slowly moved on to notice the pets on the AH which were mostly overpriced, but being the collector I was, I bought them anyway. Every time I saw a new pet, I had to have it. This included the ‘firefly’ which I grinded for. Several hours of my time, I spent killing bug after bug, hoping that the little glowing fly would drop for me, but no such luck. Luckily I did get it, but as a gift.

I have most of the seasonal pets as well as the occasional quest item pet, but last night I decided I wanted more. I had pet-greed. Online, I looked up all the non-combat pets in the game, just to see what I didn’t have. Unfortunatly, most of them required A LOT of rep grind or a trading card code. I’m not sure how much the cards are where you live, but here they’re $5.00 a pack!

I did notice one that I was eligible to get, so I headed to the Burning Steppes.

When I arrived there I rushed to pick up the quest that was soon to thank me with a brand new spider. I read the quest and I as I did, I became very appreciative I rolled a stealthing class. I was going to stealth through Black Rock Spire and get my brand new spider. It was extremely long, but the excitement leading up to my new pet was awesome.

I was getting a spider. I love spiders (not in real life. In real life I have to get the evil dwarf to kill them)

In the end, I left BRS with my quest item in hand, I was ready for my new pet. I approached the quest giver with a smile on my face as he thanked me with another creature to add to my collection.

I love my Smolderweb Hatchling.