‘Hey Bob, tell her what she’s won!’

August 8, 2008

As you may know, I have been away from WoW for about 5 weeks. 5 WoW-less weeks that is, so I was pretty excited to get back into it. I missed everything about WoW, the people, the PvP and even the PvE sometimes but to my surprise I had more than just that to come back to.

I was told that when I came back there would be a surprise. I knew that my mother had been playing my toon a bit. She said she had done some BGs so I assumed I would have a bit more honor and maybe some more gold added to my already dismal pile. She had really never played my toon before so I just thought that whatever she tried to do would be very slow going and probably difficult for her. Apparently I was wrong.

When I got home I was greeted with a capped amount of honor points (75,000 honor). I mean, I can do anything I want with that, all I needed was the arena rating. All the Guardian pieces are at my finger tips and all I had to do was go on vacation. (/smile)

So, I was totally phyched about the entire honor point moment. I mean, how often are you lucky enough to come home after five weeks and not have to farm BGs again for a very long time. To my surprise, that was not all. No it wasn’t. I, being a collector of non-combat pets, was happily greeted by an adorable netherdrake. He really is cute and cuddly, hmm I really do love him. But again that’s not all!!

As some of you might know, I borrowed money from an evil dwarf named Krystofar for my epic flying mount. (link to post) I borrowed a lot of gold from him and I, being resto found it very difficult to farm the money to pay him back. Therefore, it was taking a long time. But, my problems were all solved when my lovely mother decided to level my herbalism to 375 to not only pay off what I owed, but left enough herbs to FILL up my bank. It really was great.

I feel like I just won the showcase showdown on the Price is Right. I’m not really doing anything for what I’m getting, but really appreciating it anyways. It’s nice to be back, especially with all these bonuses. (/hug Justamom)

P.S I got a new video card as well, /cheer 75 FPS




  1. You have no idea what I had to do to stop her from changing your password and telling you Siarah was kidnapped by Ilidan.

    No idea!

  2. Siarah’s mom here and YES I admit it. I love playing a druid. Healing is soooo sweet. I love seeing in battlegrounds how long I can keep the damage monsters alive. I was sucking in the offensive mode but absolutely loved healing.

    Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my daughter BUT I want her druid back. The versitility and survivability on the druid is crazy. Sooooo where shall I send my Siarah next *evil grin*.

    All my druid guildies have been hiding their toons from me so I finally had to break down and start a new druid toon *UGH*. Oh well, 70 will come and I won’t have to get up early in the morning to sneak on Siarah’s toon:)



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