I did it!

August 11, 2008

I did it! I have managed to actually bring myself to level another toon. Anyone who knows me, knows it took me way to long to level to 70 with my first character, about a year. That’s a really long time seeing as I was playing all the time.  I liked to explore and I like to spend time just trying on clothes at the AH and shopping around. (I am a total girl) But, doing this seemed to have affected my levelling time.

No matter how long it takes me I do have another toon started. Her name is Charly and she is a priest. I have slowly but surely managed to get her to level 18, which I am very proud of seeing as, like raiding, I would rather poke my eyes out with a flaming stick than level another toon.

So, why am I doing it you might ask? Well, I want another toon to do arena, with a new perspective. On that note, I have been looking up Disc priest arena tactics just so I can be prepared when I do actually hit 70. Again, looking up about arena for 70 should actually happen when I am 70, but clearly I will do anything to postpone me from grinding out those levels.

Clearly I don’t like the way levelling works so if anyone has any ideas of how to pass the time or make levelling more fun please let me know.




  1. I almost passed out from shock. Siarah. Leveling. An. Alt!!! No, I must be seeing things!

    How to pass the time? Hmmm, listening to music, planning out your quest routes and playing jokes on your mother will help pass the time. 😛

  2. Grab some guildies or some friends and level together. It really makes the time go faster and group quests become a breeze. It’s much more entertaining that running around by yourself

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