Crazy Pet Lady of Bleeding Hollow

August 12, 2008

I’m not sure when my pet collection started. I mean, I think my first pet was just a cat from the ‘crazy cat lady’ in elwynn forest, but from that day on I was hooked.

I started with just all the cats I could buy; from tabby to Siamese, I had them all. I slowly moved on to notice the pets on the AH which were mostly overpriced, but being the collector I was, I bought them anyway. Every time I saw a new pet, I had to have it. This included the ‘firefly’ which I grinded for. Several hours of my time, I spent killing bug after bug, hoping that the little glowing fly would drop for me, but no such luck. Luckily I did get it, but as a gift.

I have most of the seasonal pets as well as the occasional quest item pet, but last night I decided I wanted more. I had pet-greed. Online, I looked up all the non-combat pets in the game, just to see what I didn’t have. Unfortunatly, most of them required A LOT of rep grind or a trading card code. I’m not sure how much the cards are where you live, but here they’re $5.00 a pack!

I did notice one that I was eligible to get, so I headed to the Burning Steppes.

When I arrived there I rushed to pick up the quest that was soon to thank me with a brand new spider. I read the quest and I as I did, I became very appreciative I rolled a stealthing class. I was going to stealth through Black Rock Spire and get my brand new spider. It was extremely long, but the excitement leading up to my new pet was awesome.

I was getting a spider. I love spiders (not in real life. In real life I have to get the evil dwarf to kill them)

In the end, I left BRS with my quest item in hand, I was ready for my new pet. I approached the quest giver with a smile on my face as he thanked me with another creature to add to my collection.

I love my Smolderweb Hatchling.




  1. That is awesome! I did that same thing recently but my main goal was getting the puppy outta there, the spider was more of a bonus ^_^ (also if ur 70 u dont really need to worry to much about the guys in there the will leave u alone for the most part, they left me (a 70 hunter) alone=D )

  2. It’s good to see you posting again Siarah! I like pets too, but mine are mechanical, like Lil’ Smoky 🙂

  3. As long as you were stealthing through for the spider pet…did you get the worg pet, too?

  4. hey Siarah, I don’t know if you know about this site!


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