This IS a PVP server, right?

August 14, 2008

I had just run a guildie through the stocks and my hearth was on CD. I wanted to go to IF, so I decided to take the tram. I made my way there through the smokey Dwarven District and took my seat as I waited for it to arrive, when it did I boarded. The tram ride was short and I was in IF in no time. When I arrived I quickly left the tram and walked towards the exit, when I saw something out of the corner of my eye. It was a warlock. Yes, but it wasn’t an ordinary lock, it was a horde lock. That’s right a horde lock sitting on the bench in IF like it’s a daily routine.

I saw something wrong with this picture and attacked that lock (pvp servers! Yay!). After about 30 seconds of being covered in DoTs I realized that I was resto and I would not be able to kill this lock. I immediately called out for help in the local defence channel as well as the trade chat hoping someone would come, but no such luck.

I stopped attacking and when I did the lock did as well. He /thanked me and sat down right at my feet. I waited for about 10 minutes and no one showed up to help get rid of this horde. Finally, about 20 minutes after that, 2 ally came off the tram and noticed the 70 horde just sitting there. Luckily, they were also 70 and quickly demolished the poor lock intruder.

It was just after this time I realised that there were no guards attacking this horde? I mean, he was in the middle of IF, but no guards not even one tried to attack the him. If you are alliance you have probably tried to raid a horde city, whether it was Undercity, Orgrimar or even just Tarren Mill you have probably noticed the INSANE amount of guards. Not only are there a lot at the horde city, but they respawn VERY quickly.

I don’t know, maybe it’s just me who thinks that Ally are being jipped when it comes to guards, but it’s not only that, no one came and helped kill the horde either. I am on a PvP server, people should want to kill the horde, right?



One comment

  1. When it comes to horde, I’m not generally a ganker..for 2 reasons. 1)I’m not very good at PVP and 2)Just not into individual ganking.

    I like to go as a group from time to time with guildies to take on horde which is fun but if I’m out farming I just wanna farm. I don’t want to gank and hopefully won’t be ganked.

    As for the guards, I absolutely agree that at horde towns I’m sure they are higher levels and the respawns are faster. At that horde town in STV its insane the number of guards and the respawns there.

    Our guild had a great adventure getting in there and taking over the zepplin. Every time someone got the Zepplin we would attack or they would jump off upon seeing us hehehe. Very funny.

    Great story BTW Siarah and I’m not sure why no guards attacked. Perhaps he had a day pass or something hehehe.


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