I hate…

August 19, 2008

Normally, I would be ready to sit down and tell all of you out there about how much I love arena …how I spend every second of my WoW time either doing rated matches and if not skirmishes, just because I love it.But, today I am not.

Last night, I was with my regular 2v2 partner Nya. As you’ve probably already read in previous posts, he is a very skilled lock who I’ve been playing on and off with for a while now. Anyway, we have been working towards a 1700 rating so I could get the Guardians boots, as well as the Brutal helm, but of course it will never happen.
Last night Nya and I started off playing with a 1684 rating, which plunged all the way down to 1600 /cry. We slowly worked our way back up to 1691, but clearly not getting to the 1700 we both wanted and needed to improve our game.

Today I thought I would share with you all the things I absolutely hate about arena; all the reasons why we can’t seem to get to the 1700.

– I hate the way blizzard finds your opponents. I am not even sure how this works, but all I know is that whoever I seem to be against, is never ever the same geare level as I am. I am always against a team that has already obviously reached 1700. I will never understand why I am not going against a team that is at the exact same rating, gear or experience as I do.

– I hate the way a warlock can drain mana from me through a pillar. Honestly, it’s a PILLAR and I am standing behind it! I just don’t understand why a lock can suck all my mana away through a pillar, but I can’t cc him for 6 seconds through it. Without mana I am completely useless. I really should have a way to hide with mana drain, especially when I don’t have enough mana to turn bear to avoid it.

– I hate “fear”. I know that my partner is a warlock and that I should be appreciative towards all the CC that my team gets out of it, but no. If I am “feared” I can’t change forms and if I can’t change forms, I panic. In a fear, the opposing team can have free DPS on me, so if I am stuck in caster when they do that, I am a dead drood.

– I hate the warrior’s mace stun. I truly think this is one of the hardest things to handle in arena. I am so frustrated with the stun after stun with no diminishing returns. I am pretty much stuck in one spot, not able to move while I am being beat on by a warrior who hits like a truck.

– I hate Horde racials. I am sure that if you are a Horde you are saying the same thing about the Alliance. As I’m Alliance I think I have the right to complain about the Horde and how I think they are OP. I think the racial that bothers me most is the tauren ‘stomp’. It is just like an extra stun that can make a huge difference in a stressful situation.

– I hate rogues. I know that it probably isn’t right to say I hate an entire class, but I really think I do …even more than warriors, but for the same reason. It’s the stun and the stun and the more stun. I understand them being able to stun once or maybe twice, but I don’t like being stunned until I die.

All right… I think my rant is over and hopefully this will help me to get better, now that I’ve let it all out. I would like to know if I am the only one who has days that make me want to quit WoW. It doesn’t have to be arena related, but is there anything in the WoW that makes you crazy? Am I the only one that hates WoW sometimes?



  1. You managed to summarize many of the things I struggled with in Arena. My partner was an Arms Warrior, though, so I have a few additions:

    – Mages who chain Polymorph and root my partner. I have no way of freeing him and end up running away the entire match.
    – Chain mana-burning Priests.
    – Hunters with Viper Sting and Scorpid pets, especially when paired with a mana-burning Priest.
    – ROGUES (you already mentioned that one, but it bears mentioning again)

    I acknowledge that these counters are just that: designed to beat my team’s composition. However, I also don’t like losing. ^_^ I recognize that I don’t have the most sportsmanlike attitude when it comes to PvP, but it’s my right to whine about it!

  2. I used to play with a few people who would on occasion say into Vent with a heavy sigh “I hate this game…”. After maxing my gear and playing a class/spec with limited options in pvp/arena (Ret), I found myself saying the same thing on more than one occasion. I can deal with random numbers beating me and like the saying goes, people who believe in bad luck take probability personally. What I can’t deal with is playing 5 card draw with 4 cards in my hand aka a class/spec that I thought was cool when I first started but has been neglected in the class balance game.

    I also can’t deal with the Arena matching system. Yes, I completely agree with you Siarah that the way they match teams has to go. Right now it’s based on the Elo rating system, which is used in chess. While it may work great for chess, it doesn’t work well for group vs. group play especially when you throw gear in to the mix. 2000 capable players with like gear who start a new team plow through all the teams hovering around 1500 and really skew the numbers. Team composition throws a monkey wrench into the mix too.

    Maybe if you get frustrated enough you can join me in Warhammer 🙂 One month away!

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