Addon Feature: Healbot FTW!

August 21, 2008

Have you ever tried playing WoW on another computer, one that doesn’t have your  macros, key bindings, or any of your add-ons? Well, I have and that’s when I realized  there is one add-on I can’t live without.


If you aren’t a healer you probably don’t have a real use for this add-on. As you’ve  probably gathered from the name it’s there to help you heal. It’s just the most  helpful add-on, ever! It makes your healing spells 1000 times easier and helps to make  sure that everyone stays alive as long as possible.

So, the first thing that I really like about Healbot is it’s lay out. It is a very  slim bar that I place on the right side of my screen. It has everyone in the group  named under one another with each name inside a separate bar. Each bar is green, when  people are at full health and as they start to lose health, the bar on my Healbot  changes from green to yellow and finally red as a warning that they are going to die.

It works the same way if you have a raid. You just have to set the Healbot to raid and  the bars become smaller. You can also organize them the way you want. For example, if  you are healing main tank, you can have a set section for main tank on the Healbot  itself. So at the top of the Healbot his/her name will be there and you can ensure  your heals are on time. Also if you are healing groups, each group is separated so  that you can focus on the group you were assigned to heal.

Okay, so we know the layout is just too cool; now with how easy it works. Each person  has their own little bar like I said and all you have to do is click on their name to  heal them. No targeting, no scrambling to find the person who needs the heal; all you  do is click. In the Healbot settings you decide which heals you would like to be set  on which mouse button. So you think the tank needs a Lifebloom? All you do is  left-click the over his name and he gets Lifebloom. Right-click: Rejuvenation! So  easy!

This good for raiding and instances, but I also use this in arena all the time. In BGs  you can use it as well as a very cool setting for Alterac Valley to ensure everyone is  covered.

This is the one add-on I CANNOT live without. Anyone else have any add-ons that are a must have?




  1. Proximo and Clique for Arenas are a must for me. Proximo more for keeping track of opponents health and targeting them easier and Clique for getting off a Blessing of Protection when it’s needed. Before Clique, a lot of my BoP attempts were a second too late, which is a game breaker. You can also cast spells through Proximo, like I have my left click set to Repentance, which saves time.

    For healing Healbot is the best. After hearing Siarah talk about it I installed it on my wife’s pc and set it up for her resto Shaman. It makes healing so easy, even I could play her Shaman and heal, and I’m horrible at healing. It definitely fits into the “work smarter, not harder” mantra.

  2. As Sarah’s mom I’ve popped on her druid toon from time to time and totally impressed once I downloaded healbot at the convenience of healing. I think this or a similar program is a must for healers. It was especially great in battlegrounds.


  3. I tried healbot for quite some time and I loved it… until I found mouse over macros. I do not have the fastest computer and healbot did not refresh fast enough for my liking… so now I use grid and mouse overs… and it has changed the way I heal dramatically. You can get specific addons to grid in order to keep track of your regrowth, rejuv, lb (stacks and timers) as well as wild growth now. I would suggest that.

    Have a delicious day!

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