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I love WoW

September 12, 2008

“Thank you… I really… I never expected this. I would like to thank all my fans out there; Justamom, Krystofar, everyone that ever believed in me. Most of all thank Nya,  I would never have got where I am today, without him.” (/wipes the tear from her cheek)

That’s right, I am (/hold in the excitement) an official Brutal Helm wearing resto druid!!! Last night, after about 10 games, Nya and I managed to reach the 1700 mark once again. This time I had enough points AND personal rating to get it.

I gemmed it up, enchanted it all, and I am super-excited to get arena-ing with these new pieces. /Cheer for Guardian Boots and Brutal Helm! (/drool)


p.s. On a more serious note, I’d like to dedicate this victory to Nya, not just because he is my arena partner, but because he is a RL firefighter/paramedic who spent days going through the rubble of the World trade Center looking for survivors.


C’mon Blizz…

September 10, 2008

Today, I am going to complain.

As much as I love arena, playing WoW, and basically everything about it, I
have found something to complain about.

Imagine yourself in an arena match; you are against a resto-druid/warrior
team. You are a resto druid who is at full mana and your partner, a warlock,
has drained the opposing druid’s mana… all of it. You are at full health
and so it your partner, while the other team is at half health.

So, your team is full health AND mana. The other team is HALF health and NO
mana. Things are looking pretty darn good for you. Your lock dots everything
up as you begin to wait for their health bars to slowly move down….


Your winning match has been disconnected. The arena server is down and the
match you have been in for the last 10 minutes is completely gone. Hmm… I am
so frustrated with this, I mean its one thing to happen once in a while, but
it happens usually at least once a day.

C’mon Blizz, you are getting paid good money with all the monthly fees; the
least you could do is fix this for me Blizz, would ya?



WoW-Geek moment

September 9, 2008

Today, I thought I would share with you my official WoW-geek moment of the week (hopefully, it won’t get any worse).

Yesterday morning I sat in Civics class as I do every morning, but see, I was especially tired. It was 8:30 on a Monday. So, I sat in class listening to the political discussion my teacher had started, waiting for the period to end. Finally, after about 1 hour of her talking she finally decided we had had enough. She gave us a paper to write and it was to be handed in at the end of the period, leaving me with 30 minutes to write it. Great.

I worked as well as I could and managed to finish it just in time. The bell rang, I was expected in my second period science class, but I decided to take the extra couple minutes and read over my work.
I sat in my seat as my eyes scanned over my paper, I didn’t notice any mistakes as I was approaching the end. I walked over towards the teacher and was just about ready to hand over the paper when ‘OMG I DIDN’T JUST DO THAT’ ran through my head.

I quickly took the paper back and sat down. I grabbed my eraser and took away my last few words on the page in panic.

‘/hug Siarah’

That is what my paper ended with. That’s right, it was a school paper… one that will be graded for marks and I almost handed it in like it was my daily blog post. /sigh.

Anyway, I know from now on I’ll read EVERYTHING before I hand it in. I can only imagine how big a ‘nut job’ the teacher would have thought I was if I hadn’t of seen it.
Well, maybe there’ll me another WoW geek moment of the week next week.



Decisions, decisions…

September 8, 2008

I know, I know, I haven’t posted in a while. Unfortunately, my grandfather passed away two weeks ago so I went back to Newfoundland for a week. I arrived back home in time for the first week of school, so new schedule, homework, and a whole lot of time I’d rather being playing WoW ate up some of my blogging time. I am hoping to be back with my daily posts.

Well, I’m not sure I mentioned this but…. my 2s hit 1700!!! See this is the part when I should be screaming with joy, and excitement, with a smile from ear to ear…But there was a slight problem, I didn’t have enough arena points to get anything (/sigh)

See, where I was gone for 5 weeks this summer I had missed out on A LOT of arena points that I could have collected. Unfortunately, I didn’t and that’s what left me almost in tears when I did actually reach 1700. I mean the Brutal Gladiators helm was right at my finger tips, I mean, I could taste it. But nope, my hopes and dreams, CRUSHED.

Now if that wasn’t sad enough, we decided to play some more games to try and get higher. But that was a bad idea, seeing as well, we lost. Our rating slowly moved back down and we are sitting around 1650. /cry

But this week, well this Tuesday, I managed to scrounge up enough arena points to get me a new piece!

Here’s my problem, now that I have the points to get another piece, do I get the chest or do I wait and see if I will get to the 1700 again.

Decisions, decisions… Please help me!