WoW-Geek moment

September 9, 2008

Today, I thought I would share with you my official WoW-geek moment of the week (hopefully, it won’t get any worse).

Yesterday morning I sat in Civics class as I do every morning, but see, I was especially tired. It was 8:30 on a Monday. So, I sat in class listening to the political discussion my teacher had started, waiting for the period to end. Finally, after about 1 hour of her talking she finally decided we had had enough. She gave us a paper to write and it was to be handed in at the end of the period, leaving me with 30 minutes to write it. Great.

I worked as well as I could and managed to finish it just in time. The bell rang, I was expected in my second period science class, but I decided to take the extra couple minutes and read over my work.
I sat in my seat as my eyes scanned over my paper, I didn’t notice any mistakes as I was approaching the end. I walked over towards the teacher and was just about ready to hand over the paper when ‘OMG I DIDN’T JUST DO THAT’ ran through my head.

I quickly took the paper back and sat down. I grabbed my eraser and took away my last few words on the page in panic.

‘/hug Siarah’

That is what my paper ended with. That’s right, it was a school paper… one that will be graded for marks and I almost handed it in like it was my daily blog post. /sigh.

Anyway, I know from now on I’ll read EVERYTHING before I hand it in. I can only imagine how big a ‘nut job’ the teacher would have thought I was if I hadn’t of seen it.
Well, maybe there’ll me another WoW geek moment of the week next week.



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  1. LAWL!!!!!!

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