C’mon Blizz…

September 10, 2008

Today, I am going to complain.

As much as I love arena, playing WoW, and basically everything about it, I
have found something to complain about.

Imagine yourself in an arena match; you are against a resto-druid/warrior
team. You are a resto druid who is at full mana and your partner, a warlock,
has drained the opposing druid’s mana… all of it. You are at full health
and so it your partner, while the other team is at half health.

So, your team is full health AND mana. The other team is HALF health and NO
mana. Things are looking pretty darn good for you. Your lock dots everything
up as you begin to wait for their health bars to slowly move down….


Your winning match has been disconnected. The arena server is down and the
match you have been in for the last 10 minutes is completely gone. Hmm… I am
so frustrated with this, I mean its one thing to happen once in a while, but
it happens usually at least once a day.

C’mon Blizz, you are getting paid good money with all the monthly fees; the
least you could do is fix this for me Blizz, would ya?



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