Arena is ‘Broken’

October 22, 2008

Alright, so it may have been a while since I last posted… It’s not that I didn’t want to because I totally did, but you know I have been at school and then that was busy and then of course there was the patch and dreading the patch… then well, the patch actually coming… Anyway, I have just been busy. I am going to get back into my posting regularly. Here I go… /breathe

I’m sure that some of you have noticed how messed-up arena has been since the patch. I mean, I am an arena loving druid who does it all the time, but I have only played a few games since the patch came out. Before the patch, ret pallys weren’t really a problem With my team make-up it was usually pretty easy to win against any ret pally team. I just thought that the Pally class was a lot more viable in arena as holy. But you know, everyone has a class they like and a way they like to play so if ret was your class then I guess it did kinda suck. Much like feral druids did in the arena, I suppose.
There is a Ret Pally in my guild. He is a PvP kind o’ guy, so that’s what he spent most of his playing time doing. Unfortunately, he felt that pallys in arena were broken. Well not pallys, just ret pallys. The thing is ,I don’t think I really understood what he meant by ‘broken’. I am a resto druid after all and the first thing a lot of people say when they think resto druid and arena is OP. Unfortunately, this ret pally left for Warhammar. I know that you should play whatever you enjoy the most, but I knew eventually they would fix whatever was‘broken’ with the paladin and that exactly what they did with this patch. Maybe even a little more.

Now I feel like I understand what he meant by ‘broken’.  I am usually a go into an arena, win some, lose some, but in the end come out with a decent winning record. Not now. I think the arena is well… ‘broken’. They may have gone a little overboard with Retribution now. They are crazy-damage-doers and really hard to kill. The arena scene is all messed-up with those holy maniacs coming from all directions. I am totally not against the class getting a little boost, I have heard enough times that they are under-represented in arena to know that they could use a little help, but maybe they went a tad far

Oh well. I’m sure that they will fix this aspect of the game soon enough and until then, I will keep my fingers crossed that Rorik will get back into his WoW account and kick some butt with his ret Pally.




  1. Update – I logged in last night and Siarah and I did 2’s. Ret is so completely different from what it was pre 3.0. I can kill stuff now. I can kill healers now. I can kill squishy DPS by bursting through their heals now. If it wasn’t for the extreme lag (which I’ve read on retpaladin.com is a global problem) and my rusty skills, I’m sure we would have broken 1600 with no problems. Maybe when the lag is fixed and things are slow in my Warhammer guild, I’ll make a serious attempt at a super high rating with Siarah. Of course that assumes:
    1) the lag issues are fixed before Lich comes out
    2) they don’t bring Ret damage down out of the stratosphere with a big nerf bat

    I believe we are a bit overpowered, but I think part of that is perception. Before 3.0, Ret was rarely ever successful in 2’s with a healer. We just didn’t have the damage or the healing debuff. Now that we are successful, people see our rapid rise through the Arena ladder as a sign of being overpowered where it may just be that we have some really good Ret players that have the tools to dominate.

  2. Oh and one more thing. I have absolutely no sympathy for anyone crying about how OP Ret is now. I’ve had to suffer through Arena for a year as a paladin, learning how to properly play my class and spec. Deal with it. 🙂

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