I’m going insane…

November 17, 2008

All my guildies know that i am a slow leveler, so they were all shocked when i did hit 71! Slowly but surely i am making my way to 72… i mean it did take me almost 2 years to hit 70 I am hoping that the next 10 will go a little bit faster.

I hate questing, that probably has something to do with why I am so slow. I just hate the repitition and how, no matter how many quests I do, I don’t seem to level fast enough. All I know is that I am only 71 and my fingers are already starting to cramp, I feel like my brains are turning to mush as I do quest after quest like a Blizzard zombie. The thought of more quests are making my stomach turn and I’m only a tenth of the way there!


How do i keep on track? I feel like I’m going insane!



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