In line for Lich!

November 17, 2008

I didn’t really get a chance to post about my line for Lich experience on Wednesday night so I thought I would say a little something about it today.

The thing is, I only just started to play when Burning Crusade came out, so really I had never done the whole waiting in line thing before. I had no idea how many people to expect, I mean was I suppose to be there hours in advance or was being there a few minutes before it opened okay?  The whole thing was new to me.

We decided to leave here about 45 minutes before midnight, which was pretty good as when we arrived, there were about 70 people in line. When we parked the car in front of Future Shop, I was so excited. I wanted to see face to face some of the other people that enjoyed the same things that I do. So, we left the car and walked towards the line.

It was crazy, I am pretty sure that I have never heard that much WoW talk in my entire life. Everywhere you turned things were WoW related, whether it be PvP, farming or about the raid they did last night, everything was related to the game.


There it was, a death knight! That’s right, about 15 minutes before Lich was in my hand, a death knight shows up. Clearly, being the only person dressed up in about the 100 people standing there, he did win the prize and the ticket to the front of the line, so I knew that I would have to wait for my copy.

It was 5 minutes before midnight and everyone was excited, I could here the plans of people staying up all night around me. Finally they opened the doors and let us in! I rushed towards the big cart filled with games, and quickly grabbed the three I needed, then waited in line.

Of course, they couldn’t let us in before midnight, so they tortured us with Lich in our hands and the cashes ready to go, but we had to wait….(tick tock tick tock)

Finally it was midnight and everyone cheered and they started to ring us threw, one by one. After a couple minutes it was our turn, we walked to the girl at the cash and handed her our three copies. She rang them through, handed them back to us and to my surprise… we got a surprise 

I got me a hat!….with a large explaimation mark on it.  WOOT!

Ohh the whole thing was awesome! We drove home and quickly installed the game. Unfortunately, I had school the next day so I didn’t really get to play but I knew that when I came home from school that my pretty little druid would be waiting, ready for a level!



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