Get my butt back into gear!

November 18, 2008

If there was an achievement for spending the most time in a major city, I’d be the first to have it.
The thing is, I love this game, as you all know, but I just spend so much time sitting in a major city doing ABSOLUTELY nothing. I like to PvP and I would also like to be level 80 sometime… this year (hopefully), so I don’t really understand why I won’t just get up and do something

I made a list of reasons that might be why I don’t do much when I’m logged in:

1. I hate to quest. Therefore, by sitting in Ironforge or Shatt I can avoid questing and pretend I am doing something, such as checking my auctions.

2. I enjoy the scenery? Well this one might sound RIDICULOUS, but it is true!

3. I like to be ready for everything, in case something really important comes up! If I am in a major city I have access at all the things I need. (reagents, pots etc.)

4. I like to make fun of the trade chat? No, that definitely isn’t one. I turn my trade chat off to avoid as many Chuck Norris jokes as possible.

5. IM LAZY! Plain and simple, I don’t do anything until it absolutely needs to be done.

Well, that list was kind of sad, I know. But I think we got somewhere with it… you know… at the end… with number 5.

I’m Lazy.

WOW, I’m glad I got that off my chest, whew

Hmmm, maybe this is something I should work on. Why play the game if all I am doing is building up my /played hours. I just don’t have the motivation to level or to do anything at this point. You would think that I would have been all excited with Lich King and I was for a couple days… but then it wore off. The reality of having to level 10 more times hit me. /sigh.

I need something to get me going, something that will get my butt back into gear, I want to so something, just I can’t seem to…

Is anyone else out there having similar issues? 




  1. I’ll give you 2 reasons to get your butt in gear and start leveling. 1- the closer to level 80 you are, the greater chance that I’ll start playing WoW again and get back into Arena shape. I’ll even get a hair cut! 2- if you aren’t level 73 by next Monday I’m going to start posting Chuck Norris jokes here 😉

    Did you know Chuck Norris counted to infinity, twice?

  2. lol

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