February 18, 2009

I have come to a conclusion.

Wednesday is my favourite day of the week.

Well as most of you probably figured out, Wednesday is two days before the weekend, meaning it is 2 days after the other weekend, meaning I survived another half week of school!

Wednesday is also the day that I clean my room. Well clean as in move stuff so it looks different, maybe tidy-er is a better way of putting it. Anyway, after I clean/tidy/move stuff I feel a lot better.

Wednesdays is a day when there is nothing on the guild calendar so what I do in game can vary. I like this a lot, something different every Wednesday, makes this day more interesting.

Wednesday is a great day to have a snow day. It is the day after Tuesday, when the server does its little restart thing, meaning I can do all the raids I want, saved to nothing and it is extremely easy to find a group. (Note: Snow days are good any day though!)

Wednesdays are the days when every teacher says “You made it until Hump Day” with their tired dragged out voices. They are tired and hoping for the week to end just like the rest of us, therefore they are easy on the workload (usually).

But unfortunately, Wednesdays are also days I have to go to school so, I’m out.



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  1. /snow dance


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