March 9, 2009

I have only ever used one looting system. I mean, I have heard of many different kinds of looting systems but the Free Rolls for everyone has always worked for me. I love the fact that everyone gets the opportunity to get geared and it seems to keep most people happy.

Of course, when using this type of system there has to be some sort of guideline. In my guild our rules are very simple: You can’t leave with more than 3 pieces of gear and everyone has free roll on tier pieces. There are exceptions to the rules but this is pretty much how it works. I have always done well with this system, pretty strait forward and it works for everyone.

But, when using a system like this people need to look at the situations as well. If I was in a situation where something dropped that was a small upgrade for me, but the druid next to me was wearing a blue I would have no problem not rolling. I guess it all depends on the type of person you are. I love getting new pieces but I know that in the end it will help the guild if everyone gets geared.

Tier pieces are a completely different story though. I know that everyone wants Tier pieces and there is a good reason for that, the set bonus’ are really nice, so I understand everyone rolling. There is still a way to be nice about it though. I know that everyone is different but for me, I feel terrible if I win too many rolls.

If I were to win a tier piece, I would most definitely not roll on another. They are harder to win because there are more classes rolling, and it is very hard to get the set bonus, I just feel like if I win a tier piece I have no reason to roll on another, it’s only fair to let someone else have the chance for their set.

Maybe it’s just the type of person I am. I like to see everyone get geared and it makes the whole raiding experience better if we can progress because everyone is geared.



One comment

  1. I agree. It’s just hard to guarantee that people will be “that type of person,” unfortunately.

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