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Season 6!

April 21, 2009

Well, arena season 6 just came out and it makes me SO happy.


Lately, I haven’t really done much arena, I have been raiding a lot more and trying to progress to what I can. I thought that when season 6 came I wouldn’t really be excited about it, but as soon as I logged in, I wanted to do arena.


This didn’t exactly go as well as I had hoped. I worked really hard in season 4 to get to my ratings. I put a lot of time and effort into making me the best I can be. Unfortunately, arena is completely different now.


Not only is the whole way I play going to have to change, I need new key binding and placement because I am incredibly rusty. I was really hoping that I would walk into season 6 and just get all the gear I wanted in no time.  That’s not the case.


I appreciate Blizz fixing the mess that I call season 5, and I am beginning to like the new system and starting at a rating of 0. I guess all I can do is work towards it.


I’m so excited!




The Patch

April 15, 2009

I waited, and waited, and waited for the patch.

I waited until about 10:00 last night.

Finally it arrived.

As soon as i logged in a bought my duel spec and put in my resto talent points, but to me honest i was so dissapointed about the new Lifebloom, i logged off.

Hopefully all the new and exciting things will get me playing tonight!



Change it up.

April 13, 2009

Lately, I have been switching up my WoW a little bit.

I ran quite a few heroics, got a few leatherworkers and managed to put together my very first tanking set!

A lot of gold and a lot of reading later…

I tried tanking for the very first time the other day, and I started with Heroic Violet Hold. It went fairly well, I brought one of the guilds druid tanks along with me, so I could get directions through all the fights.

I think there was one wipe, and it was most definitely my fault, but what can you do. The thing is, I have been resto forever, I levelled resto and stayed resto at 70 and 80 up until now. So when I tank, it’s something completely new and I had no idea what I was doing.

I spent a lot of time reading Big Bear Butt and talking the guild tanks which helped to make my tanking almost acceptable!

I am not going to be staying feral for long, but it is something new and exciting. I will have to respec back to resto for Ulduar, but who knows, maybe one day I will be able to tank Ulduar one day!



There’s always a reason.

April 13, 2009

Things happen in life that make you regret decisions you’ve made and things you’ve done. Things that at the time are a good idea but you realize that in the end it wasn’t what you wanted, the way you wanted it or how you thought it would turn out to be.

Recently I put a lot of time into a class I wanted to get into at school. The class involved a lot of writing and creativity. I thought this was something that was ‘me’, everything about this course described what I like to do and I would be doing it with people who like to do the same things. To get into this course at school I had to complete and application, an interview and if I got that far a final task.

I managed to hand in my application and get an interview, they went from 60 students to 30. I was nervous, but it went fine. I was then given the final task and worked really hard to get it done well. I handed that in and a week later I got the news.

I didn’t get into this class, I didn’t get the thing I wanted most at the time, the thing that I worked hard on. This was supposed to give me the 2 credits I wanted, the people I wanted to be around and the experience to better. That isn’t what happened.

I know that not getting into this course shouldn’t be something that discourages me., and I know that people don’t get the things they want all the time. But, I just feel like this is something that I really wanted and I showed that in how much work I put into it. Ever since then I have been finding it hard to write, nothing to write about and nothing to say.

I have now come to a realization that I can’t let this effect me for longer than it already has. I will move on and do what it is I like to do. I regret being upset for so long and making it affect something that I enjoy so much.

I am planning on writing more in the coming days, I have more of an interest in it now, I have things to say, more so than I have had in the past few weeks.

I’m just trying to remember that everything happens for a reason.