Season 6!

April 21, 2009

Well, arena season 6 just came out and it makes me SO happy.


Lately, I haven’t really done much arena, I have been raiding a lot more and trying to progress to what I can. I thought that when season 6 came I wouldn’t really be excited about it, but as soon as I logged in, I wanted to do arena.


This didn’t exactly go as well as I had hoped. I worked really hard in season 4 to get to my ratings. I put a lot of time and effort into making me the best I can be. Unfortunately, arena is completely different now.


Not only is the whole way I play going to have to change, I need new key binding and placement because I am incredibly rusty. I was really hoping that I would walk into season 6 and just get all the gear I wanted in no time.  That’s not the case.


I appreciate Blizz fixing the mess that I call season 5, and I am beginning to like the new system and starting at a rating of 0. I guess all I can do is work towards it.


I’m so excited!





  1. If you want a rusty Ret paladin with no Exorcism for a partner, you know where to find me.

  2. I’m excited too! I just started getting into arena a little while ago, and I’m really pumped for the new season. Haven’t jumped in yet (waiting for my partner to get dual spec – he’s low on funds (trying to level JCing right now) and wants to get it before we really dive in, because he’ll be switching a lot from PvE to PvP spec).

    Have fun!

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