I’m baccckkkkkk

May 25, 2011

Today, while avoiding writing a King Lear essay I decided to surf the web. Somehow, I ended up back here.

Ironically I only started playing again a couple weeks ago so it made me happy to be reminded that this is still here. 🙂

 Lately, my life is surrounded by school and work nothing much more than that. I spend almost all of my time doing anything but playing WoW, which… ya know is a little bit upsetting considering how much i used to enjoy it. It is my last year in high school and in September I will be attending University Majoring in Sociology, contrary to my “about me” page im no longer 14 but almost 18. Funny to think its been that long.

Like I said before, I started playing a couple weeks ago… little bit of playing, but still more than it has been lately. The idea of leveling to 85 was heartbreaking, especially because all i wanted to do was arena. I’m now 82 and slowely but surely I will (hopefully) make my way to 85, and maybe in the summer once school is done i’ll be able to get more playing time in.

After not playing for a while all i can say is I miss this game and all the people in it.

It’s good to be back.




  1. Wibbles.

    Nobody nevers gets deleted from me RSS feader.

  2. You are sooo loyal Ratshag hehe

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