March 9, 2009

I have only ever used one looting system. I mean, I have heard of many different kinds of looting systems but the Free Rolls for everyone has always worked for me. I love the fact that everyone gets the opportunity to get geared and it seems to keep most people happy.

Of course, when using this type of system there has to be some sort of guideline. In my guild our rules are very simple: You can’t leave with more than 3 pieces of gear and everyone has free roll on tier pieces. There are exceptions to the rules but this is pretty much how it works. I have always done well with this system, pretty strait forward and it works for everyone.

But, when using a system like this people need to look at the situations as well. If I was in a situation where something dropped that was a small upgrade for me, but the druid next to me was wearing a blue I would have no problem not rolling. I guess it all depends on the type of person you are. I love getting new pieces but I know that in the end it will help the guild if everyone gets geared.

Tier pieces are a completely different story though. I know that everyone wants Tier pieces and there is a good reason for that, the set bonus’ are really nice, so I understand everyone rolling. There is still a way to be nice about it though. I know that everyone is different but for me, I feel terrible if I win too many rolls.

If I were to win a tier piece, I would most definitely not roll on another. They are harder to win because there are more classes rolling, and it is very hard to get the set bonus, I just feel like if I win a tier piece I have no reason to roll on another, it’s only fair to let someone else have the chance for their set.

Maybe it’s just the type of person I am. I like to see everyone get geared and it makes the whole raiding experience better if we can progress because everyone is geared.



Kel’Thuzad… DEAD!

March 2, 2009

Last night, my fantastic guild killed Kel’Thuzad!

It was awesome.

That fight is honestly my least favourite, its extremely long, dragged out and  painful. The adds at the beginning, the iceblocks and mind control… the whole thing is a mess. Luckily I have the greatest guild in the world! We all stayed as calm as we could worked and concentrated hard, finally after only 2 tries last night, he was dead. It was amazing.

Unfortunately for me, TWO helm tokens dropped for Paladin, Warlock and Priest. But I guess all that matters in the end is that it helped out the guild!

It always boggles my mind how we can get 25 people together, so organized!

It’s going to be a good day



I have a problem.

February 26, 2009

I think I am having an identity crisis.


Everyone has always known me as ‘the pvp druid.’ And that’s what I considered myself.


PvP was what I did and what I wanted to be doing. I did arena whenever I could, and when that wasn’t an option I did BG’s.


Now that is not the case.


Lately I’ve wanted progression. I do Naxx almost every week with my guild and now I want more. I never thought of myself as a raider. Actually I pretty much despised it, but as of now I seem to want more.


Ever since Wrath, arena hasn’t been the same. I mean, we are doing decent… staying around 1600 but there doesn’t seem to be a goal I can work towards. It seems like more of something that I have to be lucky with, like my improvement won’t really benefit us. I know this is not the case and if I worked hard enough I would get better, but it doesn’t feel that way.  The point system is strange and I find it really difficult getting used to the new class. I just don’t feel the love for arena like I used to.


Naxx 10 was when I first found out how much I like to raid. It was something that I was dreading doing, but I really wanted to see what it was like. That day was the first day of raiding, but not the last. I found the boss fights thrilling, the excitement building up inside of me. I wanted to kill the bosses and move on to the next.


I really enjoyed it. 


Today, I am confused. I wasn’t aware of how much I would like to raid and how much time it takes up. I still do arena on occasion, but it’s not the same.


Am I a raider now?




February 18, 2009

I have come to a conclusion.

Wednesday is my favourite day of the week.

Well as most of you probably figured out, Wednesday is two days before the weekend, meaning it is 2 days after the other weekend, meaning I survived another half week of school!

Wednesday is also the day that I clean my room. Well clean as in move stuff so it looks different, maybe tidy-er is a better way of putting it. Anyway, after I clean/tidy/move stuff I feel a lot better.

Wednesdays is a day when there is nothing on the guild calendar so what I do in game can vary. I like this a lot, something different every Wednesday, makes this day more interesting.

Wednesday is a great day to have a snow day. It is the day after Tuesday, when the server does its little restart thing, meaning I can do all the raids I want, saved to nothing and it is extremely easy to find a group. (Note: Snow days are good any day though!)

Wednesdays are the days when every teacher says “You made it until Hump Day” with their tired dragged out voices. They are tired and hoping for the week to end just like the rest of us, therefore they are easy on the workload (usually).

But unfortunately, Wednesdays are also days I have to go to school so, I’m out.



Three Months Is A Long Time!

February 16, 2009

Well three months is a long time I know… but I want to get back into it and I suppose today is just as good as any to start!

As most of you know arena has been a little weird with WOTLK. The point system is strange and so are the classes. Maybe it is something that I have to get used to, the fact that ret pallies are owning still seems to boggle my mind though. I guess eventually I will get used to kiting a Deathknight and I will learn how to deal with the new team make-ups that I still seem to lose to a lot. Soon enough I will get there.

I also started to do arena with a new partner. Well not really a new partner, a new character. As a lot of you know before WOTLK I was with a Lock named Nya but now, he has been playing his Deathknight more regularly, so we thought we’d try it out. It took a lot of getting used to but it seems to be working out okay.

For a while we were playing around the 1500 level. I mean, I guess that is a fair rating… not really winning but not losing either I suppose. Lately we have started to do a little bit better though. The rating went as high as 1650, I know that we did do much better than that before the Ex Pac but I feel like I worked hard for it so, I’m kinda proud.

Arena seems to be different everyday, but hopefully it will become easier as we start to get better.

Until next time,



It’s Friday!

November 21, 2008

It’s Friday!

Hopefully, over this weekend i will be able to level… at least once. I love weekends and i love WoW, why theres my modivation right there. 71 is getting a little old and seeing how sitting in IF for an hours isn’t going to help me level i might as well start questing.

What better time to quest than after a long school day?



Get my butt back into gear!

November 18, 2008

If there was an achievement for spending the most time in a major city, I’d be the first to have it.
The thing is, I love this game, as you all know, but I just spend so much time sitting in a major city doing ABSOLUTELY nothing. I like to PvP and I would also like to be level 80 sometime… this year (hopefully), so I don’t really understand why I won’t just get up and do something

I made a list of reasons that might be why I don’t do much when I’m logged in:

1. I hate to quest. Therefore, by sitting in Ironforge or Shatt I can avoid questing and pretend I am doing something, such as checking my auctions.

2. I enjoy the scenery? Well this one might sound RIDICULOUS, but it is true!

3. I like to be ready for everything, in case something really important comes up! If I am in a major city I have access at all the things I need. (reagents, pots etc.)

4. I like to make fun of the trade chat? No, that definitely isn’t one. I turn my trade chat off to avoid as many Chuck Norris jokes as possible.

5. IM LAZY! Plain and simple, I don’t do anything until it absolutely needs to be done.

Well, that list was kind of sad, I know. But I think we got somewhere with it… you know… at the end… with number 5.

I’m Lazy.

WOW, I’m glad I got that off my chest, whew

Hmmm, maybe this is something I should work on. Why play the game if all I am doing is building up my /played hours. I just don’t have the motivation to level or to do anything at this point. You would think that I would have been all excited with Lich King and I was for a couple days… but then it wore off. The reality of having to level 10 more times hit me. /sigh.

I need something to get me going, something that will get my butt back into gear, I want to so something, just I can’t seem to…

Is anyone else out there having similar issues?