I love me the WSG!!

August 15, 2008

I’m sure everyone has a favourite battleground. So, today I thought that I would share with you my absolute favourite.


Warsong Gulch


As a druid I realise that WSG may be a little easier to play. We have travel form as well as the ability to change forms whether we need to charge or heal. I know that a druid with a flag can almost guarantee a cap but even if that wasn’t the case, I still think I would enjoy it.


I love the whole idea of the game; the capturing of the flag, the craziness of trying to get it back to your base and even trying to get our flag back. As a healer it’s easy to do your job when healing the FC and I find it a lot of fun trying to carry the flag as well.


Like I said, I usually play the BG’s with my guild, which probably plays a part in why I like it so much. When you’re in the premade you are almost guaranteed a win. Not to mention have a lot more fun with people you know.


All I know is that as far as BG’s and alliance go, they usually suck. I am just glad that I have one that I’m happy with and that I am willing to play to get the honor I need.


So what about you guys, which BG works for you and the way you like to play?






  1. I haven’t really been into the PvP scene until this “Spirit of Competition” came about… and now I’m addicted to both EotS and WSG. So much so that I have a complete “PvP Set” of gear and am looking at upgrading it all soon! I even got the trinket!

  2. BGs just remind me how terrible I am at this game.


  3. I PvP for the honor points and to fill in holes in my gear…not because I’m any good at it. I absolutely hate WSG and EOTS, but I really like AB and to a point I like AV. In my BG it seems we win AB 70% of the time because the alliance love to zerg and never defend their stuff. AV is close to 50/50, but I maintain that the alliance has too many ridiculous advantages the way it is set-up.

    Anyways, I am not a great “keyboarder” and I think that is my biggest PvP downfall. My style works fine for PvE, but when playing against a non-scripted opponent I really notice my skills need work.

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